Northern Health Authority FoodSafe Council establishes endowment with the NLC Foundation

With support from the Northern Lights College Board, the Northern Health Authority FoodSafe Council recently established a new endowment with the Northern Lights College Foundation. The $12,000 endowment will support an annual award made available to Northern Lights College students enrolled in the Culinary Arts program or a program related to the Hospitality or Tourism Industry.

The NHA FoodSafe Council is responsible for overseeing all aspects of FoodSafe course delivery. Started in 1992, the Council first began operating in the northern interior and eventually expanded to include the northern half of BC. A registered society with representative members from various industries and governments throughout northern BC, the NHA FoodSafe Council promotes FoodSafe to communities, helps train instructors and ensures that quality control standards are being followed. Initiatives have included creating bursaries for students taking post secondary training in food-related industries, planning and hosting FoodSafe conferences for all persons interested in food safety, and producing informative newsletters to FoodSafe instructors.

“My greatest pleasures in working with the FoodSafe Council is hearing back from local students telling us that the bursary we have provided to them has made a real difference in pursuing their college training and food industry career,” states Dan Armstrong, president of the NHA FoodSafe Council. “It’s been very satisfying working with the Northern Lights College Foundation to set up a bursary that will continue to benefit our northern students for decades to come.”

For more information on this award please contact Donna Kane, executive director of the Northern Lights College Foundation at (250) 784-7613, toll-free at 1-866-463-6652, or email