Northern Health to continue consultation with Northern BC residents; focus on addictions and mental health services

Northern Health will continue its community consultation process with a discussion on improving addictions and mental health services across Northern BC. ?Let?s Talk about Addictions and Mental Health? will take place from May 23 to June 27.

Northern British Columbian residents can provide input on addictions and mental health services through community meetings across the region and by completing a workbook. Residents will also be able to suggest ways to improve local health services in general.

NH will hold community meetings in 21 municipalities across the North, along with additional meetings inviting input from Aboriginal communities. Workbooks, with a response section, will be made available online, as well as at local NH facilities and Aboriginal health offices, during the consultation.

The consultation meetings and workbook will focus on several broad questions about addictions and mental health care in Northern communities, including:

* What do you think of the current addictions and mental health services and supports in your community and across the north?

* How can community groups, agencies, organizations, and NH work with each other to better support people living with addictions and mental illness?

* How can families, friends, and caring individuals be more engaged in providing support to people living with addictions and mental illness?

?We want to ensure that clients, caregivers and others in the community have a voice in the development and ongoing evaluation of our services,?

said Joanne Bezzubetz, NH Regional Director of Addictions and Mental Health. ?Right now, we are exploring ways to improve service access and welcome the input of residents from across the region.?

More information about NH?s community consultation will be made available at

The following meetings will start at 7:00pm. Locations will be announced towards the end of April. May 30 Tumbler Ridge

May 31 Chetwynd