Northern Lights Colledge adjusts tuition to enhance program development

DAWSON CREEK, BC – The Northern Lights College (NLC) Board passed a motion at their April meeting to adjust tuitions upward by 15 per cent. This adjustment provides the College the means to work towards improving student access to employability programs. The on-going development of these programs, within the limitations of both provincial and federal funding, is at the heart of this difficult decision to raise tuitions.

“The College plays an important role in the economic development of the region by providing programs that train people for viable employment. To continue to work towards meeting the needs of our communities, we must consider the balance between students’ financial commitment to their education and responsible fiscal management. The Board made the decision for a moderate tuition increase to allow for sustainable growth,” stated Board Chair Kate O’Neil.

The NLC Board has identified that Academic and Career Technical program tuition will not exceed $82.23 per credit and that Vocational program tuition will not exceed $72.15 per week. Adult Basic Education will continue to remain tuition free. Programs for individuals with barriers have recommended tuition adjustments not to exceed the inflation rate of 2.1 per cent for the 2004/05 fiscal year. The new tuition prices will take effect for programs starting after July 22, 2004.

In keeping with the College’s efforts to be responsive to the needs of the people in the region, its tuition levels for a majority of its programs will continue to remain below the provincial average. Providing students the on-going benefit of a reasonably-priced post-secondary education is essential to the economic and social development of the North. Fostering growth requires financial stability alongside planning for future needs. To that end, NLC will continue to deliver programs leading to employment opportunities for students committed to a better future.