Northern Lights College

What is Dino Camp?

It is a fun, interactive, educational camp that introduces students to Fossils and Paleontology. The camps will include classroom instruction, field trips and computer-based activities.

When & Where?

Camp will run Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm at the Tumbler Ridge Campus located in the back of the high school (behind the Medical Center/Hospital). Students must bring a waste-free lunch and daily water supply.

Program Outline

Dino Camp features activities like:

Team building and educational based games.

Exploration of birds and dinosaurs.

Field trips to Flatbed Creek and Wolverine River track sites, swimming (weather permitting).

Simulated excavation and skeletal recreation.

Guest lectures, where possible.

Classroom instruction on dinosaur theory, geology, palaeontology history, fossil hunters, and identification and preparation of fossils.

Making a plaster cast of replicas of footprints or teeth.

Tee-shirts and graduation certificates.

The educational material will be based on ?geological time? and scientific concepts of palaeontology, evolution, geology and deep time.

Triceratops Mini-Camps – $ 90

2-day camp for children ages 6 – 8

Camp 1 – August 2nd & 3rd – Full

Camp 2 – August 4th & 5th – Full

Camp 3 – August 8th & 9th – Full

Camp 4 – August 10th & 11th – Only 2 Seats Left

Raptor Camps – $ 210

5-day camp for children ages 8 – 13

Camp 7 ? August 8th ? 12th – Only 8 Seats Left

Camp 8 ? August 22nd ? 26th – Only 2 Seats Left

Tyrannosaur Camps – $ 210

This Camp is for Raptor graduates

Camp 4 ? August 22nd – 26th – Only 4 Seats Left

Pterosaur Camps – $ 210

This camp is for Tyrannosaur graduates

Camp 2 – August 15th – 19th – Only 8 Seats Left

Ankylosaur Camp – $ 210

NEW Camp for Adults

Camp 1 ? August 15th -19th – Only 14 Seats Left

For more information phone the Northern Lights College 242-5591

Applications can be completed in person or online at