Northern Lights College Grad 2006

Susan Simeon received the Talisman Award ($500) presented by Julie Hinbo, Talisman Energy. This award is available to aboriginal students completing Grade 12 requirements in the ABE program with a positive attitude, above average attendance and grades of C+ or better.

Rhonda Lenart received the ABE Association of BC Achievement Award ($100). The award is presented by the instructor to the student who is dedicated to their studies and are an asset to the classroom.

Susan Simeon received the Roy Cunningham Aboriginal Award ($200). The reward is granted primarily for academic achievement, community service. A volunteer background is also taken into consideration.

Tammy Pidgeon received the NLC 25/35 Award which recognizes a student who has experienced a notable achievement, either within or outside of college activities.

TR Awards (three awards) went to Aleen Torrville, Debbie Ives and Patrick Kerns. The awards are presented for student achievement and focus in completion of course content and personal educational goals.

Albana Sulaz-Koeciski received the Northern Institute of Resources Studies Award ($160) for the skills of being highly organized and managing the money!.

Recognition awards went to Transition to Work Students, instructor Sherry Berringer; and Fun Awards were given to ABE students Debbie McWhiter and Laura Becker.