Northern Lights College Hosts Ice Fishing Derby

Thick and blue, tried and true ? thin and crispy, way too risky. So is the law of ice fishing and the irksome concern as to whether the ice is solid enough to tread on. Approximately 100 entrants, half in families, took a chance as they ventured out for the Northern Lights College (NLC) Ice Fishing Derby on Sunday, March 26th. It was a beautiful but chilly day and those who arrived at 8:00 am to pre-register made a beeline out on Moose Lake to find the best spot. There they drilled 12 inches through the ice and set out lawn chairs to try their luck.

The fishing derby was followed by the official weigh-in and then prizes awarded. The many volunteers circulated periodically to make sure everyone was okay, alerted fishers of time left and manned the concession tent. The event brought out the hardy people of our Northern community, with three volunteers spending the night in a tent on site, to get the area prepared for an early start.

The student?s council of Northern Lights College was the initiator behind this day of fun, with idea credit going to NLC student Patrick Kearnst. Adult Basic Education instructor David Szucsko gave rave reviews to the student?s council and help behind this project. ?This year we had such a great (effort) in this event that people were pushing their way in to be part of it.? This is great news to the man who teaches at NLC as well as provides coordination and guidance to the members of student?s council.

?The reception at the event was wonderful.?, enthused Tammy Pigeon, a student and ember of student?s council at NLC. She felt the whole atmosphere of the day was fantastic and a lot of fun. Pigeon, along with Lori and Chris Homister, braved winter camping to get the event ready on time. All were pleased with the compliments they received that the event was very well organized, with all the bases covered.

About 250 people were at the closing of the event with prizes handed out for the following:

Age Category Ten and Under ?

1st prize went to Christina Lively;

2nd prize split between Tyler McIntosh, 4 and Jesse Dyer, 4;

and 3rd prize to Alisha Antkowiak, 10.

Age Category Teens ?

1st went to Keagan Wark, 12;

2nd prize to Jay Kelly

and 3rd prize to Cody Legaspi, 12.

Age Category Adult –

1st prize (Grand Prize,/Biggest Fish) went to Glen Miller,

2nd prize to Rex Stuckless

and 3rd to Darwin Wren.

Smallest Fish of the Day prize went to Wyatt MacLaren, 5.

The event was a smashing success, or should we say the participants were in hook, line and sinker. And that?s no fish tale!