Northern Lights College Students in Tumbler Ridge receive Award to Develop Promotional Video

Adult Basic Education (ABE) students at the Tumbler Ridge campus have started work on producing a creative short video to enhance awareness of their class and to promote the positive benefits the class has had on their learning experience. Former ABE student David Pipe, a graduate from the Sound Technology Program at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, has been volunteering his services in leading the group.

The ABE group members include David Vincenzi (editor and the person responsible for coming up with this idea), Wesley Reynolds (camera operator #1), Lorie Homister (script), Susan Simeon (script/camera#2), Evelyn Quigley (costume and makeup), David Poudrier (actor), Irene Brand (actress), Sterling Bishop (assistant), Jess Hunt (film critic), Cathy Smith and David Szucsko (helpers).

ABE Instructor David Szucsko, who received funding for this project from the Northern Lights College Foundation, stated that “The goal is to produce a short promotional video to generate interest in all that we do in Adult Basic Education in Tumbler Ridge and to show that Northern Lights College is a great place to learn.”