The Northern Tourism Expo Rolled into town on Friday, October 1 for a day of education and exploration.

About 100 delegates from Across Northern Alberta, Northern BC, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories made the trip to Tumbler Ridge as a day trip from the NTE, which was held in Dawson Creek.

“You couldn’t ask for a nicer day,” said Mayor Clay Iles, as he awaited the arrival of the delegates. Mayor Iles opened the day’s festivities by welcoming the delegates, and providing a brief summary of Tumbler Ridge’s brush with extinction, and the town’s push to develop a tourism industry as part of a diversification strategy.

The education component of the day came in the form of a pair of seminars. The first dealt with Northern BC Facts and Figures, while the second revolved around marketing the North to tourists and media outlets. Tom Penney from the Canadian Tourism Commission discussed some of the successes, and some of the strategies in promoting the north.

After lunch, the exploration part began. Delegates were divided into four groups. While Charles Helm showed a slide show of the Tumbler Ridge area, with a focus on the recent dinosaur discoveries, a second group went down to see the Wolverine Trackways. A third group explored the museum displays in the Community Centre, while the fourth went to the college to create their own dinosaur print.

And, after a couple fun (and educational) hours, the delegates boarded the buses to return to Dawson Creek. The conference continued Friday night and all day Saturday.