Noted Author Mike Nash visits Tumbler Ridge

Mike Nash was in Tumbler Ridge on October 18th, 2007 to promote his two published books, Outdoor Survival and Safety and Exploring Prince George. The event was coordinated by library manager Michelle Burton on behalf of the Tumbler Ridge Public LIbrary.

The first presentation was held at the Public Library at 3:00pm and focused on his first book Outdoor Survival and Safety. In attendance were the local Cubs, Junior Rangers, and any other interested youth. Mike discussed different survival situations, reflecting on his own experiences and those of his fellow outdoorsmen. He had the audience give answers to questions and go through various situations where outdoor survival would be needed. Throughout the presentation he showed his own survival equipment and explained the importance of being prepared and appreciating what the outdoors has to offer. The main points he focused on was the knowledge you should be equipped with as well as how to be prepared both mentally and physically for the challenges that can come about while being an explorer. ?Outside normal experiences that can be potentially dangerous? was the quote used to explain the overall outlook of his first book. His main recommendations to the kids were to do a two night practice in both winter and summer, to fully show them the situations that may arise, and to not rely on today?s technology fully for survival, and most importantly to remember to improvise.

He had a draw at the end of the presentation giving away three survival pocket guides and one of his own books. Thorough the presentation there was a constant Q and A session. All and all it was a beneficial introduction to basic survival.

The second presentation was held in the library at 7:00pm. This was for any interested members of the community. He mainly focused on his second book Exploring Prince George. He went through a slide show of the different scenery around the Prince George area, and had many memorable personal stories of climbing, exploring, and caving and avalanche safety. He explained his publication triumphs and losses, going into detail about the difference of using a publishing company and self publishing. This was an interesting topic to many of the audience, as some of our locals are currently trying to publish their own books. He also spoke about his third book, which is still only a manuscript. This book will focus on his good friend George Evanoff, the stories that surrounded his life and the good he achieved in the Prince George area and throughout the BC, Alberta region. This book is due to be published next year.

Mike has many years of experience behind his writing. He moved to Prince George 30 years ago not knowing a lot about the outdoors. Originally he fell in love with Smithers, but could not find work in the area, so settled for Prince George instead. Afterwards he noted that he found that particular area had more to offer. He really began understanding and appreciating his surrounding when he volunteered for the Search and Rescue. He then began writing small articles for a magazine in the mid 1980?s, and also for PG this Week, both which lasted for 10 years. He said that he never knew he had so much information, and with that he decided to write his own books.

At the end of the night, the crowd was interested and intrigued by the stories he had and the information his books offered. Not only are they up to date, but they reflect on the past and history of the region as well.

Nash?s books can be purchased online at Rocky Mountain Books