Notes of Committee of the Whole meeting held December 12, 2006

Mayor Caisley called meeting to order and moved for adoption of minutes of committee of the whole meeting held November 14, 2006. Moved by Councillor Sype seconded by Councillor White that the minutes be adopted. Carried.

Mayor Caisley reviewed the agenda items for the public gallery noting the meeting would continue past the 9pm target time if there were ongoing discussions. Mayor Caisley outlined the purpose of the public meeting which is to seek input users and non users pros and cons and to address issues and concerns regarding all terrain vehicles current policies and bylaws within the community.

Mayor Caisley spoke to the need for community assistance for review of existing policies and to aid in the enforcement of policies.

CAO Lonny Miller provided an overview of current ATV policies and appealed to the residents and meeting members to provide information by way of formal complaints with information to assist enforcement agencies to deal with the ATV problems. Mr. Miller noted that enforcement is necessary as soon as possible even though indicators are that there is a small number of abusers.

Enforcement Officer Dan Golab spoke to the existing policies and referred to maps outlining existing corridors and trails within the community designated as accepted ATV routes.

Monkman and McKenzie were identified as problem areas in the community. Mr. Golab noted that there are few secondary offences and often times offences are simply due to lack of knowledge. Mr. Golab explained the purpose of the corridors that the intent is to utilize routes for getting quads out of town to be able to enjoy the scenic beauty the area has to offer.

Cpl. Peats requested a show of hands pro and con existing usage within the community which indicated an approximate 50/50 split.

Cpl. Peats spoke to the enforcement role of the detachment and noted that this is an issue that the RCMP needs community participation. Information was provided regarding the Motor Vehicle Act which currently does not have an age limit for operation of ATV?s.

Recreation vehicles ruin Mayor Caisley spoke to the hard work of many volunteers who donate time and energy into projects costing significant amounts of money that the community needs to address these issues.

Mayor Caisley opened the floor to the community. Suggestions of licensing of vehicles were brought forward which would make identification easier for ATV?s. Community members spoke for and against atv?s within the community including one youth who defended the youth population in that it is not always the youth who are abusing the policies.

There being no further comments by the present community members Mayor Caisley closed the public meeting advising that council acknowledges and appreciates the comments and input by those present. Council will review the comments and suggestions and is serious about dealing with this issue.