Notice of Intent

The TR Thrift Store will be reopening at the Claude Galibois Centre effective on/or before February 14, 2007, conducting the following activities;

The store relies on donations of clothing and household items to support its retail base. The store manager is the only paid staff and volunteers provide the additional assistance to sort, quality control, repair, and set up display areas. Prices are kept very reasonable and anyone who does not have the means to pay is supported by a referral system. The thrift store has and will continue to use surplus funds, to perform outreach work within the community.

Our current allocation is

Emergence Support 50%

Youth Activities20%

Community Activities 15%

Church Activities15%

The store works in conjunction with Victim Services, Family Counseling, Women?s Safe House Counseling Services, local churches, Trcares shuttle service program, and other local agencies to enhance their mandates.

This support has been mainly in food assistance, household items, medical (gas for transportation), bridge funding, and sponsorship of community and church related activities to assist those of limited means.

We oversee the TR Flyer Delivery Service and have committed $1,500.00 annually of our revenue from this specific venture to international projects and an equal amount to local initiatives.

We provide an Income Tax Service at an affordable low cost or no cost basis. The fee for this service is by donation only. A tax receipt is provided for any additional monies beyond the cost of service and is applied to our general revenues

We serve those in need within the community regardless of their race, color, beliefs or creed.

We have the ability to receive cash donations and can provide charitable receipts annually, upon request for amounts exceeding $10.00.

We also provide a fax copier service for which not for profits receive a 50% discount. The additional income we receive goes to support our outreach activities.

We accept donations of furniture and working appliances and always have a list of needs

We currently have 3 families in this community that require ongoing support and we are sure there are many more who are struggling to survive while you decide our fate and theirs.


On Behalf of the TR Thrift Store Board

Bernadette Sipe


Renaissance Canada Inc

True Light Connections

School District # 59

District of Tumbler Ridge

TR Ministerial Association