November Fire Department Report

Matt Treit, Fire Chief


The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department responded to only ten calls during the month of November. These included eight First Responder calls, one report of smoke, and one fire overhaul and investigation.

Training this past month included the topics of ladders, vehicle fires, and First Responders. Congratulations to Firefighters Ross, Pittman, and Thebeau who all achieved 100% attendance at training sessions last month.

Additional activities in November included fire department participation in the Remembrance Day ceremony and the annual food drive.

A couple of notable accomplishments this past month include Deputy Diana Vandale completing her twenty-first year of service with the TRFD and Firefighter Mike Thibodeau completing 11 years of service with our organization. Congratulations to both of you for your outstanding service to the community.

This past month also saw Kevin Pittman and Maurice Thebeau complete their probationary training and they are now full members of the TRFD. Kudos to both of you and we hope to see the two of you as part of our organization for many years to come.

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department is currently selling raffle tickets for a 2016 Harley Davidson Fatboy S. The tickets cost $20 each and all proceeds go to Muscular Dystrophy. Our fire department will have only 30 tickets to sell so don’t delay in purchasing one or two.

On behalf of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and remind everybody to be especially safe over the holidays. With friends and relatives visiting over the holidays, there is often an increased use of portable space heaters to heat areas in the home which are not often occupied. All portable space heaters should have an automatic shutoff so in the event that they are knocked over, they will immediately stop producing heat.

Even with this safeguard, it is always best to turn them off when you leave the room or go to bed. In addition, the space heaters should be plugged directly into an outlet, and anything that can burn, including small children should be kept at least three feet away from the heaters. The fire hall will be closed for much of the time between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, although we will obviously still respond to all emergencies. Once again, have a Merry Christmas we will see you in the new year.