October Fire Report

Matt Treit, Fire Chief


October was a busy month for the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department despite the fact that there were relatively few calls to which we responded. Of the eight calls in the month of October, three were for ringing fire alarms, two were First Responder calls, and two were for motor vehicle incidents.

Training in the month of October included determining the cause of fire, auto-extrication, embankment rescue, building ventilation, and extinguishing class B fires.

Congratulations to Deputy Vandale, Firefighters Thibodeau, Beattie, Ross, and Probationary Firefighter Giles who all achieved 100% attendance at training sessions during the month. A further congratulations goes out to Captain Dustin Curry who has now completed nine years of service with the TRFD.  We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Perry Giles to the department as our newest probationary member, and we wish him all the best with our organization.

As always, the month of October included Fire Prevention Week which means that members of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department, including Sparky, were in Tumbler Ridge Elementary School delivering messages about safety.

If you didn’t already know, and if you have children who attend TRE, you may have learned that the reason that Fire Prevention Week falls in the second week of October is because the Great Chicago Fire took place from October 8-10 in 1871, and that was the event which initiated the establishment of Fire Prevention Week.

The kids may also have related the apocryphal story about Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicking over a lantern and starting the largest urban blaze in American History. There was actually a larger fire in Wisconsin which started the same day and killed more people, but as that fire was a wild land fire which burned through many small towns but no big cities, that fire was largely overshadowed by the Chicago Fire. The theme for Fire Prevention Week this year is “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives” and in connection with that idea, new smoke alarms were distributed to all kindergarten students at TRE. I would encourage everyone to double check that their smoke alarms are working, that they have new batteries, and that they are not more than ten years old which is when most manufacturers recommend that they be replaced. The older students at TRE received a message about ATV safety which focused on the importance of riding safely and always wearing a helmet.

In addition to the visits to TRE, the fire department also hosted a couple of daycare tours of the fire hall during this month, and in addition the TRFD conducted fire drills at both TRE and TRSS. The fire department also spent time at the high school to assist Mr. Deeley with a physics experiment involving a fire hose and a wheeled ambulance cot. It can be reported that no teachers were harmed during the execution of the experiment. Members of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department took part in the Pumpkin Patch event, specifically providing the ladder truck from which pumpkins were dropped, as well as participating in the annual Halloween Bonfire which was put hosted by the Lions Club.

The TRFD is continuing to look for new members.  Experience is not necessary.  We are looking for members who have a positive attitude and are willing to attend training sessions on a regular basis.  If you would like more information about joining the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department, feel free to stop by the hall or call 250-242-3939.