Odyssey 2004 Sled Dog Races Invitation

Get your sleds and dogs ready; the Tumbler Ridge Odyssey Race is back. In December Tumbler Ridge was visited by world-class Musher Grant Beck, who said that ?Tumbler Ridge could become a training ground for Mushers when they hear about the terrific conditions.? Well, there is a group of mushers who already know about Tumbler Ridge?s great conditions and they will be here on February 21st for the fourth annual Odyssey Race.

This event was started in 1999, when former Tumbler Ridge resident Mark Bernadet and the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society (WNMS) decided this would be an exciting winter event for Tumbler Ridge. The race was cancelled last year due to weather conditions but is being held again this year thanks to Dan?s Outdoor Accessories and WNMS. Things to look for this year include dog races, dog skijoring races, dog sled races, weight pull demonstration and a mutt race, for anyone in town who would like to race their dog (this is just for fun).

Next year bigger and better things are in store for Tumbler Ridge and for the competitors, as this event will be on the circuit for dog sled racing with the Canadian Federation of Sled Dog Sports Accreditation.