Editorial: …of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning…

Trent Ernst, Editor


The world is over and a new day has just begun.

Canada has just voted in/out the next Hitler, and we are now saved/doomed.

Canada’s economy, which has been in the toilet/soaring high, will now be soaring high/in the toilet.

Under left-wing zealot Justin Trudeau, who consorts with radical Muslims, Canada is in for much better/worse times than it was under extremist right-wing dictator Stephen Harper, who consorts with radical Christians.
Trudeau’s Liberals will be disastrous for Canada, saving us from the disaster of Harper’s Conservatives.

You think I’m making this up? I’m not. These are all opinions being expressed on social media and online. Pamela Geller writes: “The news goes from bad to worse. In a tragic upset, Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, has unseated the peerless Stephen Harper. Harper was the last man standing — the last true leader of the free world.”

Peerless Harper, who Thom Hartmann describes as “an extremist right wing corporatist nut bag … a bible thumping born again Christian, who attends the American based Alliance Church, a man so vile, in the 80’s he called for Nelson Mandela to be kept in JAIL for the rest of his natural life….”

Holy difference of opinion, batman. We’ve either gone from the worst leader Canada has ever seen to the saviour of the free world, or vice versa.
But here’s the deal. The country? Didn’t just change overnight. Maybe the person you voted for won, maybe they lost. That doesn’t spell absolute disaster/success for the country. No one party has a lock on brilliance or on stupidity. More importantly, the sun will still rise tomorrow, and Canada will still be Canada.

And no, this has nothing to do with politics (though to quote Pete Townsend: Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss). This is about Canada itself. Because we tend to think that the person who sits in the big chair has the power. They. Do. Not.

We are fooled into thinking that the politicians define our country. They. Do. Not.

What makes Canada great isn’t our first past the post politics or our universal health care or our justice system. It’s you. It’s me. It’s us. It’s the people who live here, and the place we live. The sheer scope of experiences and natural beauty that surround us.

And if you want to make Canada even better, don’t complain about the politicians. Get out there and do something to make it better. Become a better person so you can help others better themselves.

Don’t stop after the first part of that statement. We as a society are not enriched if you are merely rich. You have to spend some of that on the community around you.

Share your wealth, be it financial, emotional, spiritual, educational, or other.

Donate to the food bank. Go pick up some trash in the local park.
Volunteer to listen to some kids read at Tumbler Ridge Elementary. Smile. Join a volunteer organization. Write a letter to the paper. Buy something from a local artisan. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Complement somebody’s new look. Stop badmouthing people who voted differently.

How you act, far more than how you vote, is how you contribute to this country. While it matters who is Prime Minister, what matters even more is how you get out and build the world that you live in.

Our government should be a reflection of who we are as a society. We should not be a reflection of it, especially at its divisive, partisan worst. We have the power to change. We are the ones who define what Canada is. So be the change you want to see in the world, and the country will change around you.