On The Spot 2 – Talent Show

The second annual ?On The Spot Talent Show? was held on Sunday, April 18th at TRSS. The show opened shortly after 1:00 pm, with a line-up of 12 acts and was attended by approximately 100 people. The performances included piano, live band, lip sync, vocals, and dance. The show began with the youngest children, aged 7-9. First up, combining lip sync and dance were Emma Thompson, Danielle Eagle and Kara Trim. Second, the brave duo of Kyla MacNeil and Laura Majoros rocked on-stage with homemade cutout guitars. Other participants in lip sync and dance categories were; Jessica Cameron & Krista Trim, as well as Amanda Selwood & Sarah Broad. Also, a solo vocal performance by Tassie Delpierre , a new member of the drama club. Tassie recently moved here from Medicine Hat, Alberta with her parents, Rob & Janet Delpierre.

Following an intermission, the kids all walked the stage once more, to receive a ?Fantastic Performance Award? and token for doing such a great job. Winner of a raffle prize was Jessica Cameron, who jumped up and shouted when her number was drawn.

The second half of the show opened with TR?s local band, Insuffiicient Funds and lead into the remainder of the acts, mostly from young teens who danced and did lip sync. They included Brianne Carpenter & Danielle Friesen, as well as Scott Beaton and another by Meagan Pendleton. The category rounded off with a trio of young ladies, known as T.B.K. Natalie Cameron did the one and only piano piece this year. A fantastic treat for the audience was an exciting and colorful belly dance, performed by Janet Delpierre. Both performers and audience seemed to really enjoy the Talent Show and left the school with smiles and excited chatter. Good job to all those who got up and helped make this show such a success.