Once Upon a Time. ?? You know what that means! Right! A Ferry Story.

Ready for a ride– Here goes.

This little story developed when an Italian merchant decided to take a Ferry (probably called it a boat) across the Atlantic. Not quite sure about the details but he was associated with merchants from Spain and Portugal. Ended up exploring South America as it is now known, and North America too. So, When Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue, and thought he had made it to India in 1492, he never argued with the Italian who said he had found the New World in four trips back and forth a couple of years later! Just forget what the Vikings thought they had done. That is not what this trip is all about!

Just a little bit of history as she is known from ONE WHO NEVER EVER CARED! The Italian had the moniker Amerigo Vespucci and will be ever known NOT as the lad who gave the two continents a name!

A little later (well much later actually) some other sailors crossed that same ocean, looked for an easy buck or two and then decided to stay on. Turns out they were from England and or France depending on which ones had the best (or worst) as the case may be, soldiers. Been fighting with each other ever since!

Changed the name from New England and for some inexplicable reason suggested new names. Not very original minds they decided to call themselves Americans even though they never learned to spell when they were in kindergarten (just maybe we should call ourselves Amerigos)!

The other guys were up North and while chatting with the local residents they made a mess of giving themselves a name and called themselves Canuckleheads or something similar.

Result: Those folk who were here first (by first I mean long before the English, the French, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portugals, and other assorted Europeans arrived) were named Indians by the ignoramuses who came late but decided to stay!

Enter the scientists. AM as she is known in the chemistry world is number 95 on the charts now, and is part of the GREAT I AMS! Good basic ingredient for procuring Plutonium and making Atomic Bombs! Good By All! I hope you enjoyed the trip. All aboard for Never Never Land!

I understand Peter Pan never intended to sell it.