Online Banking ? A Convenience with Risks

We all lead busy lives and many of us are turning to the convenience of online banking as a way to manage our financial transactions from the comfort of our homes or offices.

More people are using computers and more are switching to internet banking but there are some pitfalls and basic computer security decisions to be considered before signing up to use this service.

As part of Crime Prevention Week, a week-long crime prevention awareness campaign, the BC Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA) reminds those who take advantage of the convenience of online banking of important tips to ensure safety while completing their transactions.

According to Valerie MacLean, BCCPA Executive Director, ?You are ultimately responsible for ensuring the security of your personal information and transaction details while banking online.?

The following are some basic tips for novice internet banking users and reminders for the seasoned online banking customers:

·First check the website or your financial institution for technical advice regarding online banking requirements – your financial institution may recommend that you install anti-virus software before starting to do your banking online.

·For PC users ensure you configure Windows updates to download automatically.

·Use a strong anti-virus software program and ensure the subscription is kept up-to-date to protect your computer from the latest viruses.

·If your computer is used by other members of your household, set up a USER logon password to prevent others from accessing your files

·Disable file sharing if you are on a home network.

·Once you have set up a password for accessing your account online, change it and select a password that is not easily guessed.

·Do NOT tick a box that allows you to save your account or password for the next time you log in.

·After you have completed each session, clear your session history.

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