Opening weekend for Tumbler Ridge Geopark

Trent Ernst, Editor


This upcoming weekend is the Geopark grand opening. While the Geopark was designated back in September, this will be the opening celebrations.

The Geopark Committee, as well as the various groups that anchor the Geopark, have been hard at work getting ready for this weekend. One of the big pushes the committee has been working on is getting signage up at the various geosites.

Over at the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery, there are special new exhibits that will be on display for the first time. These exhibits will include the repatriated prehistoric bison skull, the recently discovered mammoth tusk, and an exact replica of the fossil crocodilian trackways (see story elsewhere this issue).

As part of the event, admission will be free on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, there will be special activities for the kids, including a Dinosaur Dig, the Food Web game, Build a Dino, and more.

For those of you who haven’t visited the Flatbed Trackways, there will be free guided tours at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm leaving from the Flatbed Falls Trailhead.

On Sunday at 4 pm, there will be the unveiling of the new 6 ft x 6 ft sign beside the cenotaph to commemorate fallen veterans from World War II who have had their names applied to geographical features in the Tumbler Ridge area.

On Mondays, dignitaries will be in town for the formal opening of the Geopark. Confirmed for the event include MLA Mike Bernier, JTSA Shirley Bond, Judith Guichon Lieutenant Governor, and Chairman for the Canadian National Committee for Geoparks Godfrey Nowlan, as well as mayors and dignitaries from all the surrounding communities.

For that event, there will be a First Nations Ceremony, the Crocodilian trackway unveiling and diner and presentations in the evening.

Economic Development Officer Jordan Wall says a key to the Geopark’s success is the involvement of the Peace River Regional District, who have committed $1 million to geopark and museum over next four years.

See more news about the Geopark over the next two pages.