Our population, town site, natural surroundings, and economic opportunities are changing rapidly. The question is, how do we want to manage that change. What direction do we want it to take?

In the Visioning process, participants said they want Tumbler Ridge to have:

?Diversified stable employment

?Thriving local businesses

?Careful town planning and development

?High quality public services and facilities

?Abundant sports, recreation, arts, and cultural activities

A key question is what type of diversified economic base do we want?

The resource-based economy seems set to happen. It can easily take over all the thinking and planning. What portion of our economy should be based on Tourism, being a retirement community, being a center for the Arts? What does diversification look like?

The vast majority of people living here want to be here because it is a small and beautiful community that offers plenty of outdoor recreation. That is why most people invested in buying homes here. People will stay here and the community will improve if we can keep it small and beautiful have the services we need.

To be a retirement community, we need better medical facilities and support for seniors to be able to stay in their homes. To be a successful Tourism spot, we need to invest in accommodations and other attractions to keep tourists coming here. We will also need to retain our natural environment.

We have work to do over the next few months to make decisions and begin implementing our vision. This will require a new level of coordination and strategic leadership from the community.

From January to March, we will be offering skills development workshops designed to help you and your friends and associates be even more valuable as community leaders, volunteers, business people, or employees. (See the ad in this paper) These workshops are designed to provide us with skills to help us follow through on our vision work.

On the jobs front, the Business/Employer Survey is telling us that:

? Employers need us to be qualified for the available job opportunities.

?At the moment, we do not have enough permanent residents available or qualified to take the available exploration, construction, and service jobs.

?In a short time, as many longer-term resource industry jobs become available, many more skilled workers will be needed and more of them will want to live here permanently.

The Community Visioning and Labour Market Planning Project is creating a legacy of ongoing improvement through citizen planning and action. We hope you participate as fully as possible. Please call Ryan or the staff at Northern Lights College to join in and sign up for your choice of the workshops.

Duncan Holmes, Project Coordinator

Ryan Murray, Project Administrator

(250) 242-5591, extension 4403

The Government of Canada has contributed funding to this




As a community leader, volunteer, or someone with responsibilities at work, you know the value of skillful leadership. You take on more responsibility and make a determined and ongoing effort to develop and practice your leadership skills. Everything you know about leadership helps you get things done. Continually refining leadership qualities in yourself and others makes you valuable to your organization and your whole community.

Here?s some good news for you, your team, and all organizations in Tumbler Ridge.

The Tumbler Ridge Community Visioning and Labour Market Planning Project has set up a series of training events designed to sharpen your leadership edge and help make you and your team more effective. These important events will not be cancelled or repeated any time soon, so please sign up at Northern Lights College. Each event is subsidized and worth much more than the cost to you or your organization. The College office number is 242-5591.

CourseDate/timePlace Cost

Creating and Marketing Funding Proposals Part 1

Dec 10, 2005 9:00-3:00

Northern Lights College (TR Campus)


Running Effective Meetings

Jan 21, 20069:30 – 4:30

Northern Lights College(TR Campus)


Creating and Marketing Funding Proposals Part 2

Jan 28, 20069:30 – 3:30

Northern Lights College(TR Campus)


Being an Effective Board Member or Community Organization Leader

Feb 11, 20069:30 – 4:30

Northern Lights College(TR Campus)


Group Facilitation Skills

Feb 25 – 26, 20069:30 – 4:30 both days

Northern Lights College(TR Campus)


Community Visioning/ Planning Processes

Mar 11, 20069:30 – 4:30

Northern Lights College(TR Campus)