Our much loved Floyd ?Okie? Dokkie

Friend and active citizen left us suddenly on January 7th. Floyd Dokkie or ?Okie? Dokkie, passed away Wednesday afternoon. His active and cheerful personality enriched our community in many aspects in the last 12 months.

Floyd was a giver and helper; always looking for ways to help others.

His positive energy showed not only at work and in the family, he helped the Terry Lansdowne Foundation as volunteer and donor, Tumbler Ridge Artists enjoyed his contribution as a talented member with spectacular photography like his well known shot ?Alien Cloud Encounter? . The first public exposure was Floyd?s Column in the Tumbler Ridge News ?Tough Guys ? Tough Jobs? where, in a gentle and humorous way, Floyd wrote about the challenges and the hard work in these many professions he also experienced himself: Chainsaw operator, faller, miner, driver and many more. We knew him as a truck and bus driver who worked with the Wolverine Mine. But trucks and cars and auto-body work was just one small portion of his many skills and talents. Floyd?s native heritage made him to a strong advocate for our environment. Following the path of his grandfather, Chief Daniel Dokkie and his Father Chief John Dokkie, Floyd worked with adults and youth to teach survival skills. Floyd joined the Canadian Rangers to be Junior Canadian Ranger instructor. His intention was to create interesting programs for our local youth with focus on outdoors skills. His new established business 1A Okie Dokkie Tours was designed to educate and train people in living in balance with nature. Floyd was a multitalented; his outgoing personality and hunger for knowledge made him a person everyone liked to be with.

There are thousands of people Floyd touched throughout his life-time with his gentle soul. Many communities and people could and will write their own ?Okie? -story.

We will miss his ?Have an Okie Dokkie Day?.

Mila Lansdowne, Tumbler Ridge