Paragliding Instructor in Tumbler Ridge

Glenn Bitterman is in Tumbler Ridge working in the field of seismic exploration for oil and gas. He lives with his significant other, Sue, in Leglace, Alberta.

Throughout the last five years, Glenn has had many interests but paragliding has always taken the spotlight. When I spoke to him about the sport, he would light up like a child in a candy store, and had millions of different reason why anyone should try it out. After spending about an hour talking with him, even I (who am a total chicken) wanted to go out and jump off a cliff.

Of course there are many steps to paragliding before actually jumping off a cliff, and many lessons to learn. Glenn is happy to train anyone who is interested! He is Hpac certified as an intermediate instructor, and you can check him out on under the let?s fly button, next use the learn to fly button, then under instructors.

I kept watching Glenn strap on this crazy looking paraglider, and thought I should try to lift it up myself. The thing was heavy! When I found out it weighed around 40 pounds, I felt like a weakling, but I swear it felt like 100 pounds. Glenn does training for $100.00 a day, and will give tandem rides for $120.00. Anyone interested must be the at least 16 years of age. Everyone must sign a release form. He is very interested in setting up as many launch sites in the area as possible, and says that Tumbler Ridge is a playground for paraglider?s.