Peace Energy Cooperative looks to the future

The leadership of Peace Energy Cooperative (PEC) recently spent a day reviewing the success of the past year with the intent of renewing their vision of the Cooperative for the next five years.

?It has been a wonderful year,? says Valerie Gilson, Executive Director of PEC. ?Membership is up, we are engaged in new and exciting projects, and the public?s awareness of the importance of renewable energy has never been higher.?

PEC has always tried to be more than a single-issue organization explains Gilson. ?Our mandate is to explore and promote all forms of renewable energy, and we are succeeding by getting involved in projects throughout the community.?

PEC?s involvement in the Bear Mountain Wind Park, which is currently in the process of being certified, remains their largest commitment of time and resources, but it is only one of many projects that are on the go.

The City of Dawson Creek has contracted PEC to provide wind monitoring at two locations. The City will use the data to evaluate the potential use of wind power to reduce the cost of water distribution.

PEC is also a community partner in the Northern Lights College Energy House project that is slated for construction this year. The Energy House will provide education and training opportunities in the growing wind and solar energy sectors.

The Board of Directors is also investigating geo-exchange partnerships and looking at small-scale wind power that can be used to fill site-specific energy needs. Geo-exchange transfers heat stored in the ground into buildings during the winter and transfers it out of the building during the summer.

The Co-op executive retreat was held at the home of Don Pettit, Vice President and Director of PEC.

?Don?s solar powered house is a prime example of how renewable energy and a sustainable lifestyle are practical and affordable in the Peace Country,? says Gilson. ?It was a great opportunity to get out of the board room and visit a renewable energy home where our minds could ?think outside the box?, while looking to the future.?