Peace Energy signs up 100th Member

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. ?Dan Simmons is now Peace Energy?s 100th member and has made an investment beneficial to the future.?

?I?m no ?Joe Green,? but I look at my grandchildren and understand how much we need to care about our future,? says Simmons.

Simmons owns an oil and gas patch contracting, operating and consulting company, Angel Energy in Pouce Coupe. He has a patent on a gas compressor and a second confidential patent in the works.

?I understand the importance of fossil fuels, but they won?t be here forever. If that ever happens, I?m out of a job!?

Peace Energy is a member-owned cooperative whose goal is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable in the Peace Region.

Peace Energy Manager David Kidd says: ?People are understanding that their investment turns into shares in renewable energy.?

Since incorporation in October of 2003, Peace Energy has signed up three to four members every month.

Simmons became interested in Peace Energy when work associate and Peace Energy member Tracy Meszaros told him about ideas that they have for a wind farm.

?I?ve looked at the success that many European countries have had with wind turbines, and see that this is a realistic future for our area,? Simmons says.

?It?s important to get investors together now. If we don?t get involved locally, large corporations will grab this opportunity. If we are the ones who set this idea in motion, it will create independence for ourselves.?

Peace Energy wants to create a wind farm, which is already in negotiations. The wind farm will not only complement the ever-depleting fossil fuels as a viable energy source, but can make financial sense to investors as well.

?I?ve looked at the numbers for this, and in this time when you would be lucky to get eight per cent returns from a RRSP, why not invest in something with the potential for 10 to 20 per cent returns,? Simmons says with a smile.

One of the founders of Peace Energy, Don Pettit, is happy to see the 100th member on board. ?It?s fantastic to have someone with Dan?s experience and background join the team.?

Simmons says: ?It?s a common misconception that environmentally friendly people want to get in the way of progress. I have found the opposite to be true here at Peace Energy. We definitely want progress, just not at the expense of the earth or ourselves.?

For more information about becoming a member of Peace Energy, call (250) 782-5745 or visit