Peace River Regional District Introducing Bylaw Enforcement

Mike Carter, Chetwynd Echo Reporter 
CHETWYND – A new bylaw enforcement system will be coming into effect in the rural areas of the Peace River Regional District.
Effective Feb. 1, the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) will be implementing a new bylaw notice enforcement ticketing system dealing with infractions in the rural areas. 
“The board recognizes that the rural areas are growing and changing,” PRRD Chair Karen Goodings said. “This is an important step in managing those changes through an expanded bylaw process.”
Changes to bylaw enforcement will allow the PRRD to deal with bylaw disputes at the local level, rather than through the court system.
Bylaws that may be dealt with under the new ticketing and enforcement regime include solid waste, zoning, the building bylaw, noise complaints, unsightly premises (Electoral Area C only), manufactured home parks, special events and regional parks. 
Although the regional district may still pursue a higher level of enforcement in the courts for the more “troublesome contraventions”, the PRRD says the purpose of the new enforcement tool is to provide more immediate and streamlined action regarding bylaw infractions.
“The regular court system is typically time consuming and expensive for the resolution of bylaw contraventions,” a PRRD news release announcing the new bylaw enforcement system states.  “This new system will be prompt, and include the availability of a two stage administrative appeal process at the local level to ensure fairness and equity.”
“The board is committed to the timely and proactive resolution of bylaw contraventions,” said Arthur Hadland, Director of Electoral Area C which includes the city of Fort St. John and the municipality of Taylor. 
Hadland is pleased that the PRRD has moved in this direction that will allow for a quick resolution of many of the bylaw infractions in Area C.
“Bylaws are a way to address issues and concerns of the local community,” he said. “They are established to promote environmental stewardship, manage community development and ensure public health and safety.”
More information can be found about the new bylaw enforcement system on the PRRD website at , or call toll-free 1-800-670-7773.