Perry Creek Votes for CLAC

Tumbler Ridge: Union members working at the Perry Creek Coal Mine voted strongly in support of CLAC, Local 68. Results of a Labour Relations Board supervised secret ballot voted were released on Thursday, February 15, with CLAC receiving 93 votes, compared to 54 for the International Union of Operating Engineers. Polling was held over a two-day period.

?We?re very pleased that the members gave us such a strong majority vote?, said Kevin Pederson, CLAC?s Northeastern BC representative. ?They showed that they could see past the politics and focus on what has actually been achieved. The reality is that our agreements and benefits are better and we have a much stronger presence in the mining industry.?

The union is relieved that it can return its focus to active representation and is looking forward to building on the success they have achieved so far.

?It would help everyone concerned, if the International unions would chase some of the non-union mines, instead of just trying to pick off our sites after the hard work has already been done,? Pederson said.

Pederson works with local shop stewards, visiting the Union?s Tumbler Ridge office on weekly basis to address union members? concerns and union issues. The Union?s office is located on the 2nd floor of Tumbler Ridge Plaza. CLAC has offices in Ft. St. John and Tumbler Ridge. Local membership is varied, including several mine sites, as well as numerous pipeline, transportation and industrial construction companies.

Christian Labour Association of Canada is an independent, Canadian trade union with almost 40 000 members across the country. The union advocates an approach to labour relations based on cooperation, integrity, and mutual respect. CLAC was founded in 1952.