Pets up for Adoption ? Dawson Creek SPCA

Scooter [171649] ? (LEFT) I?m 9 years old and have seen some rough times – my ears have been frozen off and I have a heart murmur. I?d sure like a home where I can spend my senior years in comfort.

Pryr [176245] ?(BOTTOM LEFT) I?m a tall, 3 years old pure white, gentleman. I?m very laid back and gentle and would fit well into any home!

Rollo [176242] ? I?m an attractive 2 year old male, part Siamese, cat. I think I?ve been a stray all my life and could sure use a home of my own.

[Garfield[ [176556] ? I?m quite a large, pale orange, 4 year old fellow. I?ve been declawed so I?m an ?inside? cat. I?m very soft and friendly and get along well with kids.