Picking the Perfect Toy

As the holiday season approaches, children all over the world are carefully crafting their Christmas lists with hopes that Santa and his helpers (a.k.a mom and dad) will hear their wishes. And each and every year parents are challenged with the daunting task of picking those perfect toys. To help make this holiday shopping season a little less stressful, here are some easy toy buying tips. 

Think high-tech. 

This year’s wish lists are expected to be dominated by techy must-haves. Kids nowadays are leaving traditional toys behind and are looking for more interactive gadgetry. Whether it’s a kid-friendly tablet, app-enabled fun, or the new Furby – a cute, talkative little creature – look for gifts that can kids can communicate and interact with. 
Avoid last minute shopping
According to a recent Duracell survey more than half of parents admit to last minute shopping, and some haven’t been able to get the gifts their kids want as a result. To cut down on stress and avoid the risk of the top toys being sold out, try and get your shopping done as early as possible. 
Gender neutral giving 
While 20 years ago the playground was clearly split between the dolls and the action figures, now you’re far more likely to be pestered to buy the same present for a child regardless of whether they’re a boy or a girl. Toys that can also be shared between siblings are a thumbs up in the wish-list department.
Can we play together? 
Children may appear to want expensive toys, but they also want more play time with their family and friends. Interactive games such as the new TWISTER Dance Game are the perfect way to have some family fun. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing and dancing together to their favourite tunes. 
Powering your holiday fun. With so much focus on finding the perfect gift, some of the smaller details can easily get overlooked. Make sure you have fresh Duracell with DuraLock batteries on hand so kids (and mom or dad) can play with their new toys and gadgets right away. Giving the perfect gift can put a smile on anyone’s face – but nobody wants to witness a child’s disappointment when they open a powerless toy. 
By following these simple holiday shopping tips, becoming a toy pro (and the coolest parent) is easy . Who knows maybe next year Santa will be calling you for advice.