Piloting the Helicopter

Piloting the helicopter, I believe would be a very interesting job. A pilot is able to see the land from high up in the air. I have never been a pilot but have flown in many helicopters, relating to some of the work that I was involved in doing. I have flown with many great pilots (guess that is why I am still here) with different types of work. These people work in many different fields, from leisure tours, logging, fighting fires, transporting goods to high in the mountains, putting together towers up at the tops of the mountains and down in the valleys, transporting men and women for different types of work (seismic, telephones towers, oilfields search and rescue, sting operations and more). These are just a few types of jobs these people do, there are very many of work to be done with helicopters.

The first thing these people have to do is go through training for piloting the helicopters in class theories and hands on experience. They go into a helicopter simulator before going in the real helicopter, like the plane simulators. The courses are long and very thorough (a lot of safety in this field of work is very important, there are lives of people involved and including their own) course in class and out in the field actually piloting the helicopter.

I have been told that they have to be able to land this flying machine with-out engine power and under control at all times while doing so. They go through very strict procedures to be able to get their license to operate these flying machines. They are able to stop and hover in mid-air either high in the air or low to the ground. They have to get out of very difficult situations that the trainer puts them through, I am not sure but I would assume these situations could be life threatening if the trainer did not teach them how to get out of these predicaments. This is why they have to go through such an intense training, just in case these predicaments arise in their (the trainees) future.

Just to get some more words I will tell of a pilot that has flown in South America, A young pilot with lots of flying experience, more hours in flight time than a normal every day pilot in the world. I believe he holds the most hours flown in a helicopter in day and night flying. We used to go fishing by helicopter in remote lakes and he told me about a lot of situations that he had been into during his flights in the jungles of South America. He had bullet holes in the helicopter that he was flying, in one incident the passenger had the ear phones and microphone on and the cord to the headset was severed off by a bullet. He told me the man with him did not fly with on that route again. This man became a good friend; we keep in touch to this day.

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