Pitch in week

While summer is super, winter wonderful and autumn amazing, early spring around Tumbler Ridge can be less than picture perfect as the snow melts, revealing a winter?s worth of detritus and debris in the ditches and green spaces around town.

But that has changed, thanks to the hard work of volunteers during Pitch In Week. ?The cold weather has hampered it a bit,? says organizer Cheryl Hayden, ?but we have had excellent turn-out this year.?

Hayden says that two or three groups have asked if they could do their cleaning next week, because of the weather, but the majority of the town is now clean. Hayden says that there have been a number of groups that have gone over and above the call of duty. ?The Hospice and Palliative Care Group as cleaned an exceptionally large area. And Janet Dell Pierre has been coming every day to clean a new area.?

Hayden has organized the cleaning within town. Outside of town, that responsibility falls to Peace Country Maintenance. Over the past few years, they have hired non-profit groups to clean 10 km sections of ditches, then paid them, as a form of charitable giving by the company. This year, that?s not happening. Peace Country is being taken over by a new contractor in July, and rather than pay non-profit groups to clean the ditches, they?re doing it themselves this year. There is no word yet on whether the new contractor will run the Pitch-In program next year.