PnP moved to Wednesdays

Lynsey Kitching


“I think the P&P meeting, which at one time I thought was more important than our regular meeting, in some ways, has lost some of its value for a lot of reasons,” says Councillor Don McPherson.

McPherson says that when the P&P meeting and the regular meeting of council were on different days; there was more opportunity for discussion. He says that items are falling off the table because there just isn’t enough time to go over them. Mayor Wren also agrees a change could be a positive thing. He says, “I agree 100 percent. I don’t think we are giving a lot of these items enough time. I think a lot of the time we are having an item on the P&P, which is directly followed at the next meeting. I know some of the rational for why it was changed and I think we’ve tried it and in my opinion it doesn’t work as well. In the past when one week was the P&P meeting and the next week was the regular meeting, a lot of discussion happened at the P&P and that gave staff a week before the next meeting. When you only have an hour, it’s not adequate in my opinion. It would be my recommendation we go back to alternating weekly meetings. We would do a better job governing than we do now.”

Having just stepped into the current system of the P&P and the regular meeting on the same night, Councillor Litster is open to the change saying, “I agree with you. I don’t think in the short time Chris [Councillor Leggett] and I have been here, there has been a lot of dialogue between us to see what we think and how we feel about different things.”

The P&P meeting will be on Wednesdays at six p.m. and the regular meeting will be Tuesday at six p.m. alternating weeks.