As I write this blotter I do so with a heavy heart. As you are aware by now, four RCMP officers were slaughtered in Mayerthorpe. This is the largest single loss of police officers in RCMP history.

I want to take a few minutes to share with you some of my fears, frustrations and hopes.

I am afraid of what might happen but I am more afraid of what might NOT happen. I am afraid that Ottawa will try and minimize this tragedy. I am afraid that cheap politicians will try to score some cheap political points using the deaths of four dedicated and brave young men. I am afraid that, in order to be ?tough on crime? those politicians, with no understanding, will try and blame firearms. The police community has already spoken and stated very clearly that criminals do not register their guns.

I am afraid what my fellow officers will do the next time they face a potentially violent situation.

I am afraid what I might say the next time someone tells me that smoking marijuana is a non-violent recreational passtime. I am afraid that already some of you believe that growing marijuana is a ?mom and pop? operation and that they are only making a few bucks on the side.

This act, committed by a coward intent on ignoring common decency and lawful conduct, was not only a blow to the RCMP, but was a direct assault on every decent member of society. Society has always known that there are those who are intent on wreaking havoc on society for own gain. IN order to preserve the common good, enforcers of laws have been sanctioned to deal with these criminals.

We are a nation of laws. As a society we have agreed on a few rules that allow us to live in relative peace and harmony. When any of these laws are broken, it is a direct assault on the kind of nation that our fore-fathers envisioned.

IF we do not respect the ?small? laws, soon there is no respect for any law. Do you ever wonder why the police concentrate on traffic laws or liquor laws or noise by-laws? Now you know.

Tonight when you go to bed in the safety and security of your home, say a prayer for the men and women who stand in harm?s way and patrol your streets

I?m frustrated how a low-life can so easily take the lives of my comrades. I?ll be frustrated at the review process that is about to take place. How do-gooders will say that the officers lost their lives due to poor training, a lack of experience or a myriad of other ?armchair quarterback? type of reasons. I?ll be frustrated when, those who don?t know what they?re talking about, begin to blame the attending officers. I?m frustrated that in the rush to be politically correct, grieving families will not hear the words of life. I?ll be frustrated that the media will soon forget about the sacrifice made and focus on such things as the Michael Jackson affair.

I?ll get frustrated when politicians try to tinker with the law and make changes that amount to nothing more than window dressing. I?m frustrated that the coward took his own life, and will never face justice. I?ll be frustrated when people begin to rationalize, and speculate that alcohol or drugs are the sole reason why this event took place. I?m frustrated that people will not call evil by its name.

But, I do have hope. I have hope that there are still some good people out there who will comfort the families in their time of need. I have hope that what was meant for evil would be turned to good. I have hope that Mayerthorpe will pull together and healing will take place. I have hope that as families sit down for a meal together, they will talk about the day?s events and choose to value what is good. I have hope that there are still some honorable young men and women who will choose a life of service and become police officers. I have hope that although our lives hang by a thread, we will reconsider our priorities and choose to put first things first. I have hope that should I be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, that God would grant me the grace to do so. I have hope that if this should ever happen that some good person would look after my family. Because in the end, the only things that really matter are family, faith and hope.

We?ll talk again next week, the good Lord willing

Cpl. Kurt Peats