Police Report

Some time during the night of 2008-08-05 / 06 unknown individuals entered into vehicles parked in the lot of 195 Chamberlain Crescent. Items were taken from some of these vehicles. Also this same night, unknown individuals broke into the rear shed of the Tourist Center, located on the corner of Southgate and Front street. Once inside they started a fire in the shed. Luckily the fire put itself out and minimal damage was caused by the fire. There was also some damage done to the flower beds located on this same site.

Another vehicle parked just off of Front street was also damaged. Flowers that had been planted around the Shop Easy were thrown around the lot during this time period as well.

At this point the Tumbler Ridge RCMP is requesting the assistance of the public. If anyone has any information regarding these incidents or any other incidents they are asked to contact the local detachment or Crimestoppers.