Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting: June 11

Trent Ernst, Editor (with notes from Paula Coutts)


Present: Mayor Wren, Councillors Leggett, Caisley, Mackay and Snyder. Councillor Lister was present by phone.



Scott Maxwell, appeared before council to discuss local issues and concerns. He said that the Murray River bridge would be having it’s deck replaced, starting late this month and finishing up in August. He says that lights will be going up along Highway 29, which should be done by the end of the year. He wants people to know that, while the light standards will be going up soon, they probably won’t be electrified until fall or so.

Councillor Mackay says he’s glad the lights are going in, but is wondering about the highways not being maintained properly in winter. He says that health care workers are not allowed to travel to Tumbler Ridge if the roads are below a certain standard, and that happened a number of times this winter. Maxwell says the roads were in generally good condition, but if there were specific dates and times to report, he could look into it.

Councillor Leggett asked about frost heave repair, as there is one that he has hit and just about gotten air off of. Maxwell says this is an exceptionally bad year for frost heaves after the thaw and refreeze in January, and that the more specific information he can get the better.

Finally, the discussion turned to the road to Kinuseo. Maxwell says there are funding challenges, and that the road has multiple owners. Mayor Wren says that with the falls as marquee feature of the province, the road should be maintained to a standard that reflects that.


Council discussed a report from the Deputy Corporate Officer dated June 11, 2014 to provide a basic explanation of the 2014 residential rate increases. However, they were confused about what is actually happening, and pass a motion that staff should write a letter, asking a representative from PNG to appear before council to explain the rate increases.



Council received correspondence from Dr. Charles Jago, CM, Board Chair, advising that the final report from the recent Northern Health region-wide community consultation entitled “Let’s Talk About Healthy Aging  and Seniors’ Wellness” was enclosed.

One Island Lake Fishing Derby

Council will donate a jacket as a prize.

Mountain Bike Trail

Councillor Leggett is a former professional mountain bike rider and has a vision for a mountain bike trail in the area by Mesa Place. Council passed a motion to provide him with up to $2000 to rent a piece of equipment to build the trail. Mayor Wren says it is a great initiative, and it’s great that it’s on the community’s doorstep.

Portfolio Change

As Councillor Litster is working out of town these days, the health portfolio is being combined with the senior’s portfolio and given to Councillor Snyder.