Policies and Priorities Meeting: July

Trent Ernst, Editor

Councillor Krakowka, chair. Acting Mayor Caisley, Councillors Mackay, Scott, Kirby,



Community Relations Manager Bob Gammer sent a note informing Council of BC Hydro’s participation at the UBCM and contact information should Council like to meet with representatives from BC Hydro.



Report from Chief Administrative Officer titled, “Increasing Staff Council Interactions” providing Council with a framework for increased Staff/Council interactions.


Council approves the budget timeline as presented.


A discussion of two new amendments to the Traffic and Highways Regulation Bylaw that would prohibit repairs on commercial vehicles larger than 8600 kg in C2 Zones as well as parking of such vehicles in a residential area. This change will cause some unhappy people, says Wall.

In regard to large vehicles being able to park here, says Krakowka, it could affect logging.

Councillor Mackay says this might be a little strict; he feels the District could be leaving some people high and dry here.

Councillor Scott says she doesn’t want to see people doing oil changes in residential areas. And, she says, if the District does start repaving the roads and there are big rigs parking on residential properties, that puts stress on the new pavement and will cause it to deteriorate. “You also have environmental issues if you have people doing oil changes on District properties.” She suggests there are some areas around town that could be used for parking the larger rigs.

Wall says parking big rigs in residential zones is already prohibited; this would extend it to the C2 Zones. The two C2 Zones are the light industrial park and Mesa place. This wouldn’t affect vehicles parked on business property, says Wall, just on roadways.

Council forwards the Traffic and Highways Regulation Amendment Bylaw to the next regular meeting for adoption.


Report dated July 11, 2016 from the Corporate Officer titled, “2015 Annual Report” for Council’s information. Council received the Annual Report for the year ending December 31, 2015 for information.



Councillor Kirby says this was brought forward by Councillor Howe. At the NCLGA, says Kirby, the EDO for Chetwynd said it was sad to see all the businesses closed up. She says other locations have been able to work stuff out, or at least use the windows to display art. Councillor Mackay says when Lakeview was here, one of the questions they put to Lakeview was what sort of impression it made on visitors to have the only financial institution in town closed mid-week.

Councillor Scott says these businesses are going through a hard time, and she’s not sure what the municipality can do to protect their investment. If they were still making money, they’d still be here.

Acting Mayor Caisley says he doesn’t have a problem with decorating windows, but he thinks that isn’t going to fool anyone. But in terms of making the town look as accommodating as possible? He says he doesn’t have a problem with that. Councillor Mackay points to what Chemanus has done.

Councillor Kirby says one of the things she’s heard is businesses have difficulty surviving downtown because of the high rent. Councillor Krakowka suggests getting the chamber involved. Councillor Mackay suggests changing the zoning for downtown to keep office spaces out of the ground floor. Then the market would dictate the prices.

Krakowka asks if they should be talking to Shell. He’s heard one of the reasons they shut down was because of the costly repairs that needed to happen. Are they planning on coming back? We should talk to them. Council moves to have staff contact Shell around the tanks and environmental cleanup of site, as well as discuss beautification of the site.


Notice of Motion arising from the June 22, 2016 Special Meeting of Council. “That the District of Tumbler Ridge supports Northern Gateway’s allowable construction start time extension from December 2016 to December 2019 to allow for more time to meet environmental, social and regulatory requirements.” Motion is coming from Councillor Caisley.

Councillor Kirby says that Councillor Howe was concerned that, until they promise to go under the Murray, the community should not support it. Councillor Mackay reminds Council there was some concern around the power draw for the substation. Krakowka says if it does go over the river, it could be tied into, say, an ATV bridge.

Wall reminds council that Northern Gateway isn’t looking for support of the project, just for support of the extension of the timeline to gather more information


“That a report on Bylaw enforcement practices be produced with the option of increased enforcement included.” Councillor Krakowka says there was some discussion at the open house about the fact that most bylaw enforcement is complaint driven. He says in Fort St. John unsightly premise have 15 days to clean it up; here it’s 30 days. That means that the bylaw officer has to do twice the work in trying to get the property back into compliance. Councillor Krakowka asks if they can change the time laws now? Wall says no, it should be brought back as a bylaw amendment.


Council discusses what to do about the Wilderness Lodge.

Councillor Kirby asks if the business has paid any property taxes?

Yes, says Wall, and they are obligated to pay it all.

Kirby says she wants to see that paid before it’s looked at.

Council moves to invite the company to visit.


A couple times at the last meeting the question was called, but it wasn’t handled properly, says Wall. As soon as the question is called, a vote must happen, and it needs to pass by a two thirds vote. While the District can create its own policy, says Wall, as a default, the District will fall back on Robert’s Rules, as this is the way it’s handled there.

Councillor Caisley says as long as there are new things being added to the discussion, the discussion can happen. Councillor Mackay says he doesn’t like it being used to stifle debate. Councillor Scott says she likes the discussion that Council has and that various Councillor’s have different opinions and bring different things to the table. Councillor Kirby says she called a question in a meeting recently, thinking the discussion had dragged on long enough; she likes the fact the ability is there.