Policies and Priorities Meeting: September 9, 2015

Trent Ernst, Editor


Present: Mayor McPherson, Councillors Kirby (Chair) Howe, Krakowka, Scott, Caisley, Mackay



Verbal report from the Administrative Services Manager Aleen Torraville. She says this is just for information at this point. “As part of the process for renewing this, we need to advertise a couple weeks; once that is done, it will be coming forward to Council for discussion.”

Councillor Mackay asks if there’s any difference from what they offered before. No, says Barry, they are not changing anything in terms of their operation.


Report dated September 9, 2015 from Doug Beale, Operations Manager, for Council to approve funding of $70,000 for the purchase of the Harmony H60XL Baler. This is being presented to Council for discussion now; resolution will come next week.

Councillor Howe asks how the funding works. The ask is for $70,000; does this mean we’ve approved half?”

Elliott says yes. The cost of the bailer is $140,000, but $70,000 was expected to come from grants. That grant didn’t come through. “Generally, you would approve the full amount, and then any grant money would mean you’d come in under budget,” says Elliott. “But that didn’t happen in this case; this doesn’t change five year plan, just the allocation of extra money.”

Councillor Howe is doubtful. “I don’t know that I was a hundred percent sold on the baler if we had to pay for it full out; if we were getting it for free, then go for it, but paying $140,000 for it?”

Elliott says the District would have already budgeted for this, and essentially we’d be getting it at half price.

Councillor Krakowka says the line item in the budget says it budgeted at $140,000. Elliott says that yes, it is written like that in the budget. “But in terms of accounting for this, we only budgeted $70,000. In the future, there will be a comment line that says where the money is coming from. What you didn’t see here, and what you will see in the future, is that breakdown. It should be done like that in the future. You will see a report and a recommendation next meeting. We didn’t get three separate quotes, as it is a specialized piece of equipment.”

Councillor Howe asks if Beale can make the case for the bailer. Beale says currently we have a vertical bailer. It requires all material to be picked up and put in and cycled multiple times; it’s manually intensive. It’s hard on employees ergonomically.

The horizontal bailer will have a conveyor which extends into a pit. “You put things into the pit, and it automatically bails the recycling. It’s safer and easier on the employer.” This, says Beale, increases efficiency of process.

“In the past we only bailed cardboard; now moving to MABC, we are bailing everything except glass,” says Beale. “We will also be collecting Styrofoam in the future. The horizontal bailer is safer, more efficient and less maintenance intensive.”

Councillor Krakowka says he thought the District bailed plastic.

“We did in the past,” says Beale. But they had to separate the milk jugs, then bale. “The time and effort far exceeded the amount of revenue we were getting for it; it wasn’t efficient. And it doesn’t matter to the Eco-Depot, as they’d just cut the bail open and re-bale it. It didn’t make sense.”

Krakowka asks about the extra cost over the actual baler.

That cost is for installation of a pit, electrical hookups, etc., says Beale.

Councillor Mackay says the previous bailer costs $31,500 to recycle annually; “do you expect to see that number reduced?”

Yes, says Beale. “We deal with a third party right now; people have good intentions, but if they put something wrong in and it goes to Eco-Depot, we get penalized. There’s a lot of work to sort. With a manned station, we can ensure all the proper material goes into the bale. There will be some time needed as we figure out how many bags will be needed to make a bale. When we get to curbside, we will have that figured out, plus the incentives.” Mackay says recycling is not a luxury, it is a responsibility and it is a good buy.



This item forwarded from the September 2, 2015 Regular Council meeting for further discussion. Concerns centre around Economic Development going into (or not going into) the new Visitor Centre. The intent of the new building, says Barry Elliottt, was to better connect Chamber, Economic Development, etc.

“Regardless of the comments that were made in terms of use, I mentioned I was in the process of reviewing internal staffing use. I Spent time working with staff, and decided that we do need that space, whether it is Jordan or his assistant, it will be occupied. That space will be needed by the District.”

Council suggests that they offer the Geopark the old Visitor Centre as a temporary space.