Policies and Priorities Nov. 13, 2013

Lynsey Kitching


Present: Mayor Wren; Councillors Leggett, McPherson, Snyder

It was noted that the next P&P meeting will be a round table format.


Fee for Service Policy – Report dated Nov. 1, 2013 from the Administrative Services Manager titled Fee-for-Service Policy. Much discussion was had over the draft policy focusing on the transparency of wages for the employees of the not-for-profits. Mayor Wren feels council should have access to the salaries, as due to the function of the policy they would be considered district employees, however, staff state that due to the freedom of information act, salaries are confidential. This matter will be resolved through legal consult.

Other clarifications are needed surrounding out clauses for both the district and the organization. With the three-year contract proposal, there needs to be clear language surrounding how one of the parties can change the contract or cancel it.


Village of Pouce Coupe – An invitation from the village of Pouce Coupe to participate in the second annual Truck Light Parade and Food Drive taking place on Nov. 28, 2013. Council agreed to leave the option to send a district vehicle decorated with lights to the parade.

Discussion Items

Tumbler Ridge Chamber Of Commerce – The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce has requested an opportunity to meet with Council to discuss a proposal/contractual agreement regarding the Tumble Ridge Business Directory; Tourist Information Centre – Chamber Role/occupying the space and operation of the Centre; Directional Signage & Billboard advertising inside and outside of the Community; Other marketing that the Chamber could oversee on behalf of the District; Other concerns or ideas that Council would like to discuss. Council would like to have the Chamber come to the next P&P meeting to provide more detail and work out the “nuts and bolts”.

Sustainable Cities International – The Sustainable Cities International group has requested the opportunity to connect with the Community Development Institute (CDI) in order to share information collected from the Sustainability Plan project that may prove beneficial to the completion of their urban planning project and to Tumbler Ridge. A teleconference is going to happen with Councillor Caisley and CDI to discuss this request, as the information gathered by CDI about Tumble Ridge is considered confidential.

Willow Building – The Forever Young society did a tour of the building at 419 Willow Dr. and they have decided the seniors will be moving in there on a temporary basis. The restaurant is undergoing renovations, and the project has progressed to the point where they need access to the space being used by the seniors. An option is to expand the role of the information coordinator for the senior’s centre, to coordinatie the building. Staff has been directed to contact the Lions to see if they are interested administrating the building. If they are not, other groups have showed interest in using the space, the Junior Rangers, Light of the Rockies, and now the seniors as well.

The conversation for the naming of the building didn’t get very far. An idea on how to name the building as to run a contest of some sort, but no plan was made. The district is able to rename the building without having to go through any procedures. More discussion on this will be had when there is a full council present.

Strategic Priorities Chart – This chart was created a year ago to outline which departments were handling which projects. The document has gone unchanged, and is outdated. For example Chuck is still listed in the Community Services section and Angie is still listed in Administration. Council has asked staff to go through the document and update the contents. Council would also like to make progress on developing a plan to hire a new community development officer. The reason the job has not been posted is because Council does not have a clear indication of what skills sets would be best suited for the position. Council has asked to have staff invite Ray Proulx, former community development officer for Tumbler Ridge, to the P&P meeting to have a chat about how to move forward with the position.