Policies & Priorities Committee meeting

February 27th, 2007, Present: Councillors Hunter (Alternative Chair), White, Sipe, Colledge, Kirby and Mayor Mike Caisley. Absent: Councillor Holmlund (Chair).

1.) Call to order at 7:00 pm

2.) Motion was made to approve the minutes of Policies & Priorities Committee meeting of February 13th, 2007 by Councillor Kirby. Seconded by Councillor Colledge. Carried.

3.) Business arising from the minutes. Councillor Sipe recommended that staff look into the procedural bylaw to see if the Policies & Priorities Committee (P & PC) meetings need to be addressed as the Committee of the Whole meeting and if there needs to be a motion in that regard. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Lonny Miller said that he will review the bylaw to determine whether or not Sipe?s recommendation is accurate. Councillor Hunter mentioned that it will be sorted out.

4.) Review of the agenda. Councillor White removed Item 10 which was his verbal report of bus service to Tumbler Ridge.

5.) Ward Minifee, General Manager STARS. Was unable to be present for the P & PC meeting. Councillor Hunter recommended that Council watch a short video presentation of STARS. Council agreed, however technical difficulties prevented the video presentation.

6.) Initiative updates.

*AESWapiti-CAO Miller commented to say that the AESWapiti project is currently at a standstill.

*Drumheller Museum Visit-Currently, CAO Miller has reserved possible dates of June 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th so some of the members of Council can attend the trip to Drumheller. Mayor Caisley suggested that most of Council attend the trip so that it can coincide with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). All of Council was in agreement.

*Aldrich Pears museum planning review. CAO Miller mentioned that Aldrich Pears was unable to come to Tumbler prior to March. Miller gave suggested dates for the review for April 23rd and 24th or April 26th and 27th. Since most of Council would be away at that time, Hunter suggested that Miller find alternate dates. Miller suggested sometime in May and that Council members could email Kim Isaak (Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO) for suggested dates for the review meeting.

7.) NCMA resolutions & request for silent auction items. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. Councillor Hunter recommended going around the table to see what each Councillor suggested for silent auction items. Councillor Hunter was in favor of CAO Miller?s suggestion of sending an anniversary DVD in behalf of the District. Sipe suggested sending marketing materials to promote Tumbler Ridge. Colledge recommended that other companies in the community to put items in for the silent auction for donation as well.

Mayor Caisley said that the dinosaur track way tour that was recommended in Isaak?s report would be a good idea.

Councillor Hunter then recommended going around the table again for suggestions for resolutions that Council wished to submit for the North Central Municipalities Association (NCMA) Convention. All of Council was in agreement to having a meeting March 2nd at 9:00 am to motion for their resolutions. Motions for the resolutions were to be sent to Kim Isaak by Wednesday, February 28th. As a brief review of what Council wished to have as resolutions, Councillor Hunter suggested going around the table.

Suggested resolutions:

Councillor Sipe – resolve STARS and BC Ambulance issue.

Councillor Colledge ? deal with health issues.

Mayor Caisley ? address Pine Beetle issues in Tumbler Ridge.

Councillor Hunter – Councillor Hunter suggested that NCMA send a letter of support to the troops in Afganistan.

Councillor White ? resolution to Council only.

8.) Grizfest financials. Report of Director of Community Services. The report was to provide Council with the financial information about the Grizfest Music Festival. Councillor Sipe asked Cheryl Hayden if the cost has gone up this year. She said that it would still be the same as the last year. Councillor Colledge asked which lead group would be at the festival. Hayden replied that the Grizfest Committee has requested Rex Goudy and Hedley, but they are not confirmed.

Councillor White asked what the logo would look like for Grizfest. Hayden responded to say that the logo changes every year.

9.) Peace River Regional District (PRRD) Emergency Management. Report of Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Mayor Caisley suggested that the issue be tabled because PRRD is going through another evaluation process. The Regional District is taking a look at other ways of funding for emergency management. Kim Isaak informed Council that Chief Golob was initiating the emergency preparedness table exercises, scheduled for the spring. Golob added that in April, he plans to consult with Council to review the Emergency Preparedness Plan with the Committee. Golob mentioned that the emergency plan was revised as of November of 2006. Councillor Sipe asked how much money is allocated in 2007 for the Emergency Plan. CAO Miller said $8000 was allocated.

Golob also said that there would be an emergency program for the elementary school to deal with different types of emergencies. Grade three and four would be taught 72 hour preparedness by the fire department. Grade five and six will be taught outdoor safety.

10. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.