Policies & Priorities Committee Meeting

These are not the official minutes: a copy of the official minutes can be picked up at Town Hall.

March 27th, 2007, Present: Councillors Holmlund (Chair), Hunter (Alternative Chair), White, Sipe, Kirby, and Mayor Caisley.

Absent: Councillor Colledge

1.) Call to order at 7:00 pm

2.) Motion was made by Councillor Sipe to approve the minutes from the Policies & Priorities Committee Meeting of March 13th, 2007. Seconded by White. Carried.

3.) Business arising from the minutes. Councillor Sipe mentioned that he wasn?t listed as absent of the minutes. Councillor Holmlund clarified that he was listed as absent.

4.) There was nothing to review from the agenda.

5.) RCMP quarterly report,

Cpl. Peats. Corporal Peats gave a verbal and paper report. There were 1886 files for 2006 that came in to the detachment by phone or walk-in. Peats said that the ?traveling criminals? will be the focus for the upcoming year for the Tumbler Ridge detachment. Offences under the Criminal Code and drugs have increased in the past year. There were 555 traffic tickets given. Peats said that there was 178 reported traffic accidents with 39 people injured. 2007 has already started with 34 traffic accidents with eight people injured. Peats commented that there will be more traffic enforcement this year.

The detachment has noted that there are three things that the community is most concerned about:

-Safety on the highways

-Youth: Drug/alcohol substance abuse


The proposed RCMP building expansion was a hot topic. Peats said that when predicting into the future (10-15 years from now), the detachment will need 14 people in a 10 497 sq. ft. building.

Out of the 14 people, nine will be officers; the remaining five will be representing the municipality.

The facility will include an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for a training/meeting room, and a Victim Services interview room as well. There will also be three cells which will require 1400 sq. ft.

On April 1st, another officer will be working at the Tumbler Ridge detachment.

Peats mentioned that there is funding from the government for a green building. He also said that the building can have a municipal wing as well.

The municipal structure for the proposed building is to start with an agreement in principal between the District of Tumbler Ridge and the RCMP. Then, the two groups will explore options for the expansion and come up with approximate costs and numbers. The plans will go to an architect for drawings. The architect will get the square footage required and the cost estimates. The plans will come back to the District and RCMP for revisions and negotiations.

Peats said that the price right now per square footage is $250. In three years from now, it is estimated at $300 per square foot. The expansion is based on the projected population growth as well as projected projects in the area.

Holmlund suggested that Council look the proposal over and then bring it to the next available Policies & Priorities Committee meeting on April 24th. All of Council was in agreement.

6.) Review of written budget submissions. Report of Chief Financial Officer. The report was submitted to Council for information. Sipe asked that NRHATA be added to the budget. Councillor Hunter suggested that the addition be motioned. CAO Miller said that a letter from NRHATA requesting some funds has not come to Council yet. All of Council was in agreement to rescind the addition to the budget until the next Policies & Priorities Committee meeting. Miller will check with NRHATA to see if a letter requesting funds will be sent to Council.

7.) Coal Gasification. Report of Economic Development Officer. Holmlund asked Council what they would like to discuss about the report. Sipe suggested that with all of the environmental issues being raised, that Council meet with people in the coal industry to see if there are any changes or updates. Holmlund suggested that Council meet with the Coal Forum instead for discussion to see what is happening with sequestering of CO2 gas emissions. All of Council was in agreement.

8.) Advertising request for war service. Council discussion. All of Council was in agreement to having a quarter to a half page ad in the second annual edition of ?The War Service Recognition Book? to honor veterans. The direction was to bring the subject to the Agenda Committee and then to Council for a motion.

9.) Measuring Up the North project. Council discussion. Holmlund suggested that Council send $300 in support of the project to help disabled people in their communities. All of Council was in favor of the project. Sipe suggested that $600 be given. Hunter said that he was not opposed to the $600 amount but it should be put to the Agenda Committee and then to Council for a motion. CAO Miller will have a letter of support prepared on behalf of Council for the project.

10.) Town Hall meeting date. Council discussion. Caisley suggested that the meeting be held in May so that the information from the Museum Foundation meeting can be added to it. Sipe recommended that the meeting be held on May 16th. All of Council was in agreement.

11. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.