Policies & Priorities Committee Meeting

These are not the official minutes: a copy of the official minutes can be picked up at Town Hall.

June 12th, 2007, Present: Councillors Hunter (Chair), Holmlund (Alternate Chair), White, Sipe, Colledge, and Mayor Caisley.

Absent: Councillor Kirby

1.) Call to order at 7:00 pm

2.) Motion was made by Councillor White to approve the minutes from the Policies & Priorities Committee Meeting of May 22nd, 2007. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

3.) Business arising from the minutes. Councillor Hunter removed himself from Council Chambers. Councillor Holmlund provided an update on the District of Tumbler Ridge float for the Pouce Coupe parade on July 1st.

Erin Hanna from the Tumbler Ridge Arts Council (TRAC) suggested that there should be two honorariums for the float. They are Claudia Hunter and some of the members of TRAC who will be designing and preparing the float. It will not be ready for the Pouce Coupe parade this year. The theme is: ?Tumbler Ridge: The Wonder of the World?. Since the project will not be ready for this year, all of Council was in agreement to discussing costs for materials, etc. in January and having two honorariums.

4.) Councillor Hunter added information regarding a field trip for Tumbler Ridge Elementary under section 11 of the agenda.

5.) David McIntosh, Bighorn Land & Field Service Ltd., Re: ?West Bullmoose? & ?Gwillim Phase 5? seismic programs. Councillor Hunter commented to McIntosh that Council had concerns with holes being drilled to close to town. McIntosh said that a tail spread could be done to avoid being too close to Tumbler Ridge. He assured Hunter that he would speak to the client about Council?s concerns. Councillor Holmlund asked what the total distance was that the seismic crews are working on in both phases. The Gwillim phase is 46.35 kms and the West Bullmoose area is 164 kms.

6.) Doug Forester, Hospice and

Palliative care, Re: community

palliative care. Doug Forester, president of the Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care Society (TRHPCS), provided Council with an overview of hospice and palliative care needs within the community. He gave Council an outline, which was included in the agenda, of approximate costs for hospice and palliative care for a family of four. Annual expenditures for a family of four are approximately $63,000. This is for a two month usage of facilities. The cost of care in a family home setting is approximately $36,000. Forester said that a trust fund and properly trained employees would be very beneficial to the program. He suggested to Council that a trust fund of approximately $60,000-$70,000 from the District could be initiated with a ?means test? requirement for care costs. He said that the trust fund could be replenished if necessary, or re-absorbed should the need diminish in the future. He added that TRHPCS will actively access Government, corporate, and private funds to replace or enhance the ?start-up? initiative.

Mayor Caisley said that he was in favor of the trust fund but TRHPCS should also actively lobby the Government to look for funding as well. All of Council commended Forester on an informative overview of hospice and palliative care needs within the community. Councillor Hunter tabled the information to the next Policies & Priorities Committee meeting for further information. All of Council was in agreement.

7.) Charles Helm & Birgit Sharman, Re: oval track. Helm and Sharman and Marsha Dufresne, members of the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society, were present to request the transfer of the maintenance of the oval track and the Sports BC funding to the WNMS so that the track could be completed. The WNMS members requested for the basic work to be completed on the track so that children and adults can begin practicing race walking and running. Helm said that he would like to see the discus cage put in as well. Mayor Caisley asked the members of WNMS if they would be satisfied if Council could direct staff to complete the oval track and a discus cage by the fall of this year. Sharman and Helm said that they would be very happy if the District would still be willing to complete the task. Councillor Hunter asked Clark Hazlehurst, Manager of Public Works, how long it would take to paint the lines on the field for the oval track. Hazlehurst said that it would only take a few hours. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Lonny Miller said that some volunteers would be needed since the public works department is short-staffed. Dufresne offered to help with the project. The WNMS members were in agreement with Council to leaving the project with Council and Staff to be completed by the fall of this year.

8.) TRMF response to proposed joint committee terms of reference. Report of Economic Development Officer. CAO Lonny Miller said that he was leaving it to the Mayor and Council for deciding how many members will be comprised for the joint committee. Mayor Caisley said that he was in favor of beginning with five people on the joint committee. He said that the decision makers should be comprised of elected members and TRMF board members. He added that he is looking forward to co-chairing the committee. He recommended that there be no project manager but an executive director for the committee. All of Council was in agreement to starting the joint committee with 5 members and having an executive director who will act as a liaison for the TRMF board and the joint committee. Charles Helm, TRMF President, commented that there will be a grand opening of the Discovery Gallery, and that nominations could be submitted at that time.

9.) Bert Schalekamp & Brent Hamilton, Peace River Coal, Re: Horizon Ridge mineral property and application for coal license. Schalekamp, Exploration Manager for Peace River Coal, told Council about some of the progress that the company has been doing in their exploration stages of the Horizon-Ridge and Roman Mountain properties. There has been 5000 meters drilled on the Horizon-Ridge property and approximately 25,000 meters drilled on the Roman Mountain property. Approximately 6000 meters has been drilled on the Horizon-Ridge property this year. Brent Hamilton, General Mine Manager Peace River Coal, gave Council an overview of the operation trend for the next three years. Approximately one million tones of clean coal will be cleared in 2007, 1.5 million in 2008, and four to five million in 2009. Hamilton said that there are currently 200 employees which will be up to 240 by the end of this year. There are 340 employees projected for 2008, and four to five hundred for 2009. Hamilton said that the company would rather hire local residents for the future projects. Council and staff were very pleased with the presentation and asked Hamilton and Schalekamp to keep them informed of their progress.

10.) Building bylaw. Report of Building Official. All of Council was in agreement to the new proposed Building/Plumbing Bylaw #522, 2007. CAO Lonny Miller will prepare the first, second, and third readings of the bylaw for the next regular meeting.

11.) Councillor Hunter informed Council that the grade three class from Tumbler Ridge Elementary (TRE) were coming to Council Chambers for a field trip on Friday, June 15th. The trip is a part of the Government program that the class is learning.

Councillor Colledge encouraged everyone to attend the kick-off of the summer reading program at the library on June13th.

12.) Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.