Policies & Priorities Committee Meeting, Feb 26

Trent Ernst, Editor


Present Councillor’s Litster, Snyder, Caisley and acting chair, Councillor Mackay

Business Arising

Councillor Snyder asks if there is any update on internet for Teen Centre? Answer is not yet.

PPC Action Summary Sheet

Chief Administration Officer Barry Elliott says that the building official has confirmed the current visitor info centre is habitable year round.


Dr. Gilles Wendling – Hydraulic Fracturing

Doctor Wendling appeared before council to talk about some of the issues with fracking and groundwater. “The first half of my career, I spent dealing with contaminated groundwater,” says Wendling. “The last half of my career has been on how to keep potable water drinkable.”

Wendling has studied the impacts of industry in much of Northern BC and into Alberta. He has worked on projects in the Sacred Headwaters region, and is currently retained by the Fort Nelson First Nations. “Their territory covers parts of three of the four main gas basins in BC,” he says.

Read more about Wendling’s presentation above.


Steve Dowling, Ministry Of Transportation and Infrastructure

Steve Dowling, Area Manager, Roads, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure sent an email to Council, answering a few questions that were asked during the January 29, 2014 PPC Meeting.

Local Government Interest in First Responder Services

Charlette McLeod, Administrator, District of Taylor, sent an open letter to Wynne Powell, Board Chair, BC Emergency Health Services expressing concern that the Resource Allocation Plan will negatively affect the District of Taylor. Councillor Snyder says that council needs to get behind this and send a letter of support.

Music Programme – Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebrations 2017

James W. Hammond, OMM, CD, Private Secretary to the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia sent a letter advising of a new music programme. Councillor Snyder says that, as the letter is also of interest to the schools, that copies should be forwarded to both the elementary and secondary schools here in Tumbler.

Ninth Annual “Spirit Of The Peace” Competition Powwow – June 6-8, 2014

Correspondence dated February 20, 2014 from Connie Greyeyes, President, Spirit of the Peace Powwow Society, requesting a donation for this event. It was forwarded to regular meting

Tumbler Ridge Secondary School – Anti-Bullying

Correspondence received a letter from Tumbler Ridge Secondary School inviting them to the anti-bullying festivities happening at the school earlier that day.

Discussion Items

Economic Development Officer Position

The economic development officer position has been vacant since January of last year. Councillor Mackay says getting someone into that position is important as, one of the things the District is missing is someone to piece together all the things that are happening around town.

However, Councillor Snyder points out that council is short a couple Councillors and a mayor. “We should bring this forward to next meeting.”

Councillor Litster says that in Sparwood, the position was contracted to the chamber. Councillor Mackay says that this is a new idea for Tumbler Ridge, and hasn’t been discussed.

Councillor Caisley says that the District is “a thousand years behind on this. If we are going to delay this again and I’m not objecting, as three critical players are not here. But any delay will hurt us, so no later than next pnp meeting. This is not rocket science. This needs to get done.” He questions why it is even being brought before council.

Elliott says the job description was revised not that long ago. “I’m just offering to you that the scope of this job is the same as it was in 2009. I did hear earlier on in this term that this job description might not have not fit what this council was looking for. The only reason I brought this forward was because council had concern. We will do whatever we need to do, but if council is satisfied with what is written, then we can move forward.”

Councillor Caisley suggests that council might want to create a wish list of what needs to be done.

2014 – 2015 NCLGA Executive – Call For Nominations

Discussion deferred.