Policies & Priorities Committee Meeting

February 13th, 2007, Present: Councillors Holmlund (Chair), Hunter (Alternative Chair), White, Sipe, and Mayor Mike Caisley

1. Call to order at 7:00 pm

2. Motion was made to approve the minutes from the Committee of the Whole meeting of January 9, 2007 by Councillor Sipe. Seconded by White. Carried.

3. Business arising from the minutes. Councillor Sipe mentioned that he spoke with Hunt Oil Wolverine Well Site. Sipe informed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Lonny Miller that the material they?ve sent to Council was just to complete the package of information.

4. Review of the agenda. An addendum was made by Councillor Holmlund. The addendum was to add point 10 which was the Planning of the Policies & Priorities Committee, and point 11 which was a closed meeting of Council. Holmlund asked Council for a consensus. All were in favor of the addendum.

5. Anne Clayton and Paul Hanson from the BC Assessment office in Prince George were present to give a brief update on the residential properties in Tumbler Ridge. Clayton said that there were two people in Tumbler Ridge at the time of the Policies & Priorities Committee meeting reassessing homes. Clayton noted to Council that the market value of a vacant mobile home lot is $17,000 to $24,000. The market value of a small residential lot runs around $25,000. The larger residential lots run $27,500 to $42,000. The assessed values in Tumbler Ridge are based on the sales prices of properties within the community. Clayton said that anyone is welcome to check out the assessments online. January 31st was the deadline for appeals on house value. Clayton mentioned that a supplementary assessment can be made if things have been significantly changed in a home. The last physical reassessment in Tumbler Ridge was done in 1997 where each and every home was addressed.

In 2007, BC Assessment will be implementing a mail-out reassessment program for Tumbler Ridge. The assessments will be mailed to homeowners and the assessment then can be mailed back.

For information purposes, Clayton took an 1100 sq ft. 25 year old home in Tumbler Ridge and compared the assessment from last year to this year. The home is worth $75,000 in 2006. This year the same home is worth $175,000.

Clayton, who is a BC Assessment authority mentioned that she will be leaving at the end of the month and that Scott Sitter will be replacing her from the Terrace office.

Mayor Caisley presented a 25th anniversary DVD to Clayton on behalf of her presentation to Council.

6. New Governance model. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. Councillor Kirby asked about the elimination of council portfolios. Mayor Caisley described that there is discussion within Council to have two public Committees of three to seven people to act as public liaisons for issues regarding Environmental and Social issues. These Committees will elect a secretary, chair, etc. The Committees will be the Policies & Priorities Committee and will bring issues to Council for discussion. The discussed items will then be brought to Regular Council meetings for formal approval, etc. Holmlund requested clarification of the overall policy governance timeline. Mayor Caisley clarified for Council that the overall policy governance will not be decided until the six month trial period for the new Policies & Priorities Committee is over.

George Cuff, who is a Consultant for Municipalities across Canada, devised a report of a feasible timeline for Council to implement the recommendations the Policies & Priorities Committee. There are 30 recommendations in total. CAO Miller suggested that Council implement the recommendations in slow stages since a large portion of the recommendations require further discussion and research by Council and staff. CAO Miller suggested that the format Mr. Cuff devised gets set into date order. All of Council was in agreement.

7. STARS request for landing site. Report of Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Dan Golob recommended that Council direct staff to research alternative landing sites and provide a cost of developing a non certified emergency landing site and a certified landing site and the need for a certified landing area. All Councillors were in support of the recommendation. Mayor Caisley suggested that Council invite Ward Minifie (base manager for STARS out of Grande Prairie) to provide further information for the next Policies & Priorities Committee meeting.

8. Coal Fired Generation. Report of Economic Development Officer. Discussion notes from Councillor White. Councillor Holmlund commented that AES Wapiti has the technology to capture the emissions from the coal fired plant. Councillor White commented that there is a possibility that by the year 2016 the plant will be required by the Government to have zero percent emissions. Mayor Caisley recommended that staff contact AES Wapiti to see if they plan to proceed with the plant. He also directed staff to request an update for information from AES Wapiti. All of Council was in agreement. Councillor White said that he would like to see the government here in Tumbler Ridge to hear their standards for a coal fired plant. Councillor Sipe recommended that Economic Development officer Ray Proulx speak to AES Wapiti, Western Canadian Coal (WCC), and NEMI-Northern Energy and Mining to see if they would look at suggestions covered in the coal-fired report that was in the agenda. Councillor Hunter Councillor Hunter concurred with the Mayor and also added that CAO Lonny Miller gather an itinerary for the proposed trip.

1. A motion was made by Councillor Holmlund that Council accept the addendum for a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 1 (c) of The Community Charter. Carried. 90 1 A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following: (c) labour relations or other employee relations;