Policitical Rally held for Michael Hunter

It was a full house Wednesday night at the Michael Hunter Meet and Greet. Over 90 people came out to hear what this House of Commons hopeful had to say. The evening began with Mayor Iles thanking Michael for allowing his name to stand. Iles wished Hunter great success in this endeavour pointing out that ?this could mean so much for our community?. The next presenter was Dr. Charles Helm, who started by saying that he does not belong to any political party, he votes based on the candidate and he will definitely support Michael Hunter. Helm went on to say that Hunter is a man of passion, commitment and idealism. He has a belief in himself and the issues he fights for.

Hunter thanked everyone for coming out and then spoke about healthcare, fiscal responsibility, and peacekeeping. He talked about taking a proactive, yet respectful approach to being heard in Government. Those who came out to meet and listen to Hunter, obviously heard something they liked because dozens of memberships were taken out after Hunter?s speech.