Policy and Priority Committee: March 11, 2016

tumbler ridge town hallPresent: Councillor Caisley (Chair) Mackay, Kirby, Krakowka



Brandon Braam and Jody Mitchell came to Council to present on their outdoor gear rental business and to inquire about the possibility of renting the old Visitor Information Centre building for their business.



Keith Bertrand, Treasurer for the TR Old Timers Hockey Club sent correspondence requesting that Council decrease both the Club’s hourly ice time fee and their annual lease payment. Councillor Mackay says the Old Timers Hockey Club is going through the same thing as everyone else in town, and they are. Paying more than minor hockey.


Correspondence from Jerrilyn Schembri, Manager of TR Chamber of Commerce, requesting Council approval for the District’s 35th Birthday Celebrations to take place the week of April 24 – 29, 2016. Councillor Krakowka asks if staff is already working on this.  Wall says staff has even talking about this and is thinking about setting a birthday  party policy. Wall says this is something that could be done, but when they were originally approached, the idea was around providing money for the chamber to do this. Councillor Kirby says the whole point is to have this on film are something for the show to film. “I think this is going to need participation by a lot of groups to get this done,, and I’m not sure how that’s going to happen

Councillor Mackay asks about funding for set up and take down. Schembri is in attendance, and is asked to comment. She says this is your birthday  party, this is for the town. She has spoken to the Lions and they’re already and they’re behind it. They’ve already got traditional music planned.

Councillor Krakowka. Asks what figure they’re looking for. She says she talked to the mayor and decided that should be up to council. You could do it for 3000, or for 8000.

Councillor Kirby says this is basically for the TV show. “What’s your thought on what to provide for this.”

Schembri says she’s spoken to Joy at the Community Centre. The mayor isn’t back that day until 4 pm, so she suggests the party starts at 4, interview the mayor at 5

Could do it at VIC parking lot, or where it normally is held.

Wall says we can provide whatever level  of service, but we only have one kick at the can, so we need more specifics so we can put the report together for the 18th..

Schembri says she can give her vision, but she wanted to hear council’s vision. She prefers the VIC Centre. Maybe have businesses set up as a market on the street. Bring in a stage for the musuicians. Bring in tables and chairs. Approach Grizfest Society to use tense. Leave VIC open for the evening so people can check it out.

Councillor Kirby asks who will be taking care of advertising for this? Schembri says it will be promoted via social media.

She mentions that the show would like to invite council to the comedy show on Friday night.


Correspondence received from Allen Langdon, Chair, MMBC, providing an explanation of the PPP Stewardship Plan and related financial incentives. Wall says this is the information the town had in 2014 around the program, which is why administration was trying to move forward to get into the program. Included this letter to show that staff wasn’t moving forward on a whim; there was a strong basis for the moves forward. Councillor Mackay says he’s never seen staff been so blindsided on an issue. When he was at UBCM, the discussion was not “will we be a part of it,” but get ready for it, because it’s coming like it or not.



Report dated April 11, 2016 from the Corporate Officer entitled “Animal Responsibility Bylaw” intended to provide Council with a proposed Bylaw that will strengthen language to address negligent treatment of dogs and to provide language to allow backyard hen keeping in residential areas. It was to be for discussion, but they would lose quorum if they discussed it, says Wall.



Wall says this is another item that staff needs direction on before the next meeting so they can have everything ready. Councillor Kirby says in previous years the Chamber received business licence money. That doesn’t happen any more? Wall says $35,000 is business licence fee.Councillor Mackay says option 3 is favourite. Councillor Kirby agrees. She says option 1 is not something she wants to see with tourism going the way it is.


Wall says the scope of the project has changed, as has what the money would be used for. Schembri joins the discussion again. She says yes, the scope has changed, as FLNRO has decided to put money into campground at Quality lake. There were some archeological issues there, so they decided to take that on, so that freed up the budget to do other trail work. The shelter out at Moose Lake is still a go; the cement pad is there. They have been given a name of someone who can supervise. The new project would be working on the Mount Hermann trail, as well as a second trail to be determined.

Schembri says the money that was designated last year was to go towards wage top up, which caused some controversy, so it will just be going into materials.

Councillor Mackay asks what percentage of the budget the $40,000 would be.

The job creation program would pay most of the wages. They would also pay for travelling, client transportation to rent trucks and UTVs, as well as a trailer to haul people out in case they were injured. So they would be renting UTVs locally. Each of the workers would be outfitted with PPE. That money would be provided by JCP. Courses the workers would be getting from the college, then cost of project leader carried by program. Chainsaws and supplies, which would be needed for program. Once done, they could be donated to local clubs. FLNRO is putting in $10,000, Chamber of Commerce putting in $10,000 in kind, volunteer work from ATV club is $5000, Community forest would be donating $3000 in logs. Total project is over $300,000. District’s portion of that would be $40,000.

Councillor Mackay asks if staff would be from town. Jerrilyn says the project leader may have to be hired from outside the community, as she’s not aware of anyone in town with the proper tickets, but 14 people would be.

Councillor Mackay asks about two trips to Dawson Creek. She says Trucks aren’t available in town directly, but has talked to person they’re renting UTVs from, and if they can provide trucks, they won’t need to go out of town.


Council discussed a request for a change of hours that would increase public access and improve District operations in regards to the Recycling and Solid Waste collection. Proposal is to see it opened from 10-4, Tuesday through Friday. Councillor Kirby says wouldn’t this mean that recycling would be closed on Saturday? That’s correct says Wall. She says she has more recycling than garbage, and doesn’t think that most people will be able to make it down between 10-4. Wall says whatever level of service council wants to see.

Bins would be available after hours, but staff would have to go through it and sort the recycling to make sure there wasn’t any contamination. Councillor Krakowka says he’s worried that transfer station attendant has to run whole transfer station. Councillor Kirby says she’s worried that by not being open on Saturday or Sunday, it might increase dumping alongside roads. “To me, it’s a matter of cutting down on the junk around the community, and I imagine that Sunday is a good day for people to get rid of stuff.” She points out the illegal dumping that was happening up at the gravel pit near the race track. Wall says it’s up to Council to determine the service level for the community. Weekends are generally more expensive to run, he says. Operation Manager Beale says one of the biggest reasons for having a manned station is to prevent contamination, to check the bins and make sure the right products are in the right bins; it doesn’t mean that someone has to be standing there 24/7. The operator doesn’t have to be watching over the bins all the time. Council moves to have staff investigate the cost of changing this


To provide Council with options and recommendations for various levels of recycling services for Tumbler Ridge. Item brought forward from the April 4, 2016 Council meeting.


To update Council on progress for preparing for an efficiency review, commonly referred to in municipal government as a Core Services Review.

Council discussed, a proposed RFP for a Core Services Review; and the Core Services Review was added to each department’s Strategic Plan.

Wall says this is a very large project that will determine what level of services the municipality offers as well as look at efficiency. Original cost was expected to be $40,000, but it’s never been done in Tumbler Ridge, so Wall is proposing that the scope be expanded, which would bump the price up to between $60,000 and $80,000.

Councillor Kirby asks what communities in the area have done this sort of review? Wall says PRince George and Fort St. John have. “If nothing else, this review lets you know where you sit.” He says there’s no type of feedback that doesn’t help Council and staff make decisions in the future.

Councillor Mackay asks if it’s possible to do it piece-meal. That could be done, says Wall, but it would add to the cost, as someone would have to be brought up for each review.

Councillor Kirby is worried that it won’t be worth the money. Councillor Mackay says he’s sure that staff would be able to provide a report on this. Wall says the whole point of this that someone else comes in and provides an outside viewpoint. Council will vote on it at the next regular meeting of Council, and the deadline will be pushed back.


Council voted to support Mayor McPherson’s attendance in meetings with Minister McKenna in Ottawa during the week of April 18, 2016. Council is not able to approve expenditures during a P&P meeting, but the request came too late to be included on a regular meeting schedule, as the meetings would happen before the next regular meeting of council. Councillor Mackay says he would like to know more about what was on the agenda, but the decision needs to be made tonight.


RDH Building Science has sent a rehabilitation design report for town hall. The building needs a lot of maintenance, more than expected, and will cost about $1-million to fix. This is not something that would happen this year, but would happen next year.