Policy and Priority Meeting, October 1

Trent Ernst, Editor


Mayor Wren, Councillors Leggett (chair) Litster (via speaker phone) McPherson and Snyder.



Council discussed the proposed policy to establish procedures and guidelines in which individuals may purchase a bench through the District of Tumbler Ridge to be installed as a memorial or tribute to a loved one.

Councillor Snyder says the policy allows applicants to select site in P1. He has had discussion with seniors, and they’ve asked about having benches placed downtown. Don’t see anything in policy that deals with that.

Aleen Torraville says the reason this is before council is there have been a number of requests. The point of this policy is so that there is one streamlined process. Currently, P1 has been identified as the best area for these. With regards to downtown, she believes business are responsible for areas in front of their businesses.

Councillor McPherson asks if areas zoned P1 include walking trails?

Barry Elliott says yes, it does.

Councillor McPherson says he likes the idea of memorial benches, but thinks downtown you would need something simple, say, with no back so it would be easy to clean snow off of.

Councillor Snyder asks if a downtown bench policy is needed, but Mayor Wren suggests that Council should deal with the memorial bench policy first. There are no substantive changes suggested, and it will come before council in the future in the form of a bylaw.



Council received an invitation from Dora Turje, Registrar, Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society, for youth to apply to participate in the Youth Parliament which is held December 27 – 31, 2014 in the Provincial Legislative Chambers in Victoria; application deadline is October 22, 2014. Council is being asked to encourage applications in the community.



The AldrichPears draft report for the Museum of Tumbler Ridge dated March 2014 attached for discussion; this item has been brought forward from the PPC Meeting held September 10, 2014.

Councillor McPherson says he has now received the terms of reference, which is good, but he feels that it is a move sideways to propose moving the museum to the Visitor Information Centre, which, he says, Council already considered and rejected, so he’s not sure why they are considering the AldrichPears report, which proposes exactly that.

CAO Elliott reminds Council that this is a draft report only, for Council to review. If they are satisfied with it, then they can communicate with AldrichPears. Or, if they aren’t, Council needs to determine what needs to be added before it comes before them as the final product.

Mayor Wren says the next logical step is, if we continue to fund museum, then they need to develop the fee for service policy and determine deliverables. He proposes a strategy session around that. He also proposes a meeting with the museum to see how to move forward so museum has sustainable long term funding. As far as the report itself goes, he thinks it is fine as-is.

Councillor McPherson says it is more complicated now. “We have the Geopark now,” he says. “It’s not just the museum. We have a completely different thing than what we gave them.”

Councillor Snyder says that whatever happens, the decision will be made by Council, in discussion with the museum, not by AldrichPears.

Councillor Leggett says that, Geopark or no, a lot of the documents that Council will ask for will be the same. “The Geopark was always a strong possibility,” he says. “We need to determine if this draft is ready to be accepted, or is completely off in left field.”

Councillor Snyder says it is just a report. “We can finalize it as is. Then we can sit down and talk about it.”

CAO Elliot says that the terms of reference had specifics in terms of deliverables. “You have enough information to start discussion around fee for service. I think you’ve got what you need.”

Mayor Wren says he is fine with the way the report is. “They’re the professionals. They’re the experts. I wouldn’t want to send this back and tell them what to do.”

CAO Elliott says he is getting the sense that council is willing to accept this as is. “I’ll send it back to AldrichPears and have them finalize.”

Councillor McPherson asks if it will come back before the end of this term or if it will come back before the next council.

Councillor Leggett asks how soon the fee for service application will come in from the museum.

CAO Elliott says it can come at any time. Mayor Wren says that it is up to Council to initiate that discussion.


For further Council discussion; this item has been brought forward from the PPC meeting held September 10, 2014. However, Councillor McPherson says he can’t remember why it’s being brought back.

CAO Elliott says the reason is because Council wanted staff to send a letter to the ministry to start the process of taking occupancy of the area, but that hasn’t been started yet.

Mayor Wren points out that expansions like this will qualify for grants like NDIT, but you need to have a plan. “Those grants can be up to a quarter of a million,” he says. “I don’t think the license of occupation will be a problem. There was an initial design that was in place. Fine tuning that would be the next step.”

Councillor Leggett asks if it approved, would Council have to put it out for an RFP and a proposal. Mayor Wren says that could be the case, but it isn’t necessary as the original design was done in-house.

Councillor McPherson says that Council should approach BC Hydro, with the Site C project. “When they put Site C in, that will ruin a lot of river.”


Special meeting of council: October 1

Same people in attendance as policy , but Mayor Wren Chair

Street naming policy

Street Naming Policy received for information.

Iles Way Bylaw

Council gave final reading to the Iles Way bylaw.

Councillor Snyder suggested that the name should be changed to Clay Iles Way. “People have asked me if it’s for Clay Iles and Lynn Way?” he says. “It seems to be more respectful.” He also asks if there is any report on cost to District, which there isn’t, yet.

Councillor McPherson says that a name change might be a little late. “I think it’s a great idea and a great street to name after Clay,” he says.

Councillor Litster believes Council need to look at the cost, not just for the District, but for the businesses affected by it.

Councillor McPherson says Council is trying to honour the man, and everything costs money.

Councillor Litster says “my point is that Pioneer Loop would be a better choice, as it wouldn’t impact any businesses.”

Mayor Wren says he’s seen lots of money spent on studies and everything. “The value of what he did means that we are sitting here today,” says Wren. “I’m not at all in favour of finding some back street to honour this person. Those who aren’t in agreement can vote against it, but I hope that Council will support this.”

Councillor Litster says she supports it, but she objects to the process and the fact that there are costs associated for local businesses.

Motion passes, though Litster and Snyder are opposed.