Gilles and Dawn Pouliot had a welcome surprise for the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation this past week: a cheque for $1000.00.

Gilles explained, ?Tumbler Ridge has been good to us ? we took a chance moving here a few years ago and it has paid off. We felt it was time to give something back to the community, and believe the Museum Foundation is on the right track in trying to diversify the local economy. We hope their dreams of a major museum here will come true soon, and we?d like to challenge others in Tumbler Ridge to do something similar.?

Charles Helm, President of the Museum Foundation, said, ?This really is an amazing donation. Through our agreement with Western Economic Diversification through Community Futures, this will allow the release of a further $4000 for the BC Dinosaur Discovery Gallery. It is gestures like these that inspire us afresh to pursue our goals for the benefit of Tumbler Ridge and the region. We are very grateful to the Pouliot family for this wonderful support.?