Preserving a Canadian Tradition

It?s been a difficult week for RCMP members across the country following the senseless shootings of Constables Peter Christopher Schiemann, Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, Lionide Nicholas Johnston and Brock Warren Myrol. The impact of these deaths have rested heavy on Canadian hearts as the four slain officers were all young men with bright futures.

The shootings had a very personal impact on Cpl. Peats of the Tumbler Ridge RCMP detachment. Cpl Peats spent most of last week in Edmonton joining with thousands of members, military, dignitaries, guests, and civilians in the mourning of these four young men. ?I personally knew three of the four officers,? said Cpl Peats ?and to have their lives snuffed out by a coward is difficult to accept. I was honoured to be asked to be in the hounour guard for Peter?s funeral and for the National Memorial. When I saw the sea of scarlet, at both events, it really pulled at my heart strings.?

For those who read Cpl Peat?s Blotter last week, his words echoed and expanded on the sentiments of Colleen Myrol, the mother of slain RCMP member Brock Myrol. Here are some of points that Mrs. Myrol brought up, ?It is time to teach honour of our country. It is time to care for our fellow man. It is time to end the violence and stop the bullying on the play yard so our children won?t commit suicide. It is time to take our liberal-minded attitude to task?children who are raised with hopes, dreams and goals, and not in houses filled with drugs and violence will be better people. We are a good country, Canadians are wonderful, loving, caring people. Brock knew that and dedicated his life to preserving that tradition.?

?I would just like to thank everyone for their generosity this past week,? Says Cpl Peats. ?In the spirit of the RCMP, we will pull together, serve the community and ?maintiens le droit? (defend the law).?

Town Hall (style) Meeting Wednesday, March 16 at 7pm

Room 4 – Community Centre All officers of the RCMP Detachment will be there. Stop by, put a face to a name, and let?s work together to make Tumbler Ridge a great place to live.

Cpl. Kurt Peats