Priliminary Capital Project Budget 2013: $6,666,427 – Part 2

Lynsey Kitching

The council, due to the success of the golf course both in town and from out of town visitors, is looking at potentially increasing the size of the course to 18 holes, however, there is still much research and planning that would be involved in this transition.

Oh, and even though we would all like to see it disappear, there is monies in there for sandtrap sand. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to get rid of the sand?

After a bit of a break, council reconvened to go over the public works section of the capital projects budget and newly appointed Doug Beale was on hand to answer Council’s questions.

This year the proposed budget has allocated $3,330,420 to public works with $445,000 coming from reserves and $778,500 coming from surplus.

From this amount $330,000 will be going towards paving and seal coating for roads, $220,000 for playground equipment additions and replacements, $280,000 for trail/walkway expansions, $363,000 for RV park upgrades (shower house), $132,000 for new pads at the RV park, about $305,000 for new equipment for public works and $319,000 for a public works building expansion including a washbay and offices.

Beale says, “By law, by our bylaw, and also provincial law you must separate oil and water, so all businesses who wash vehicles you have oil water separators.”

As of now, public work vehicles are washed outside and everything flows where it may.

Other areas, which will be undergoing improvements, are the cemetery and columbarium ($60,000). Council was very onboard with these improvements especially Councillor Torraville, who says she has received many phone calls from citizens who would like to see more plots at the cemetery and pointed out there are a few people in town ‘waiting’ for the columbarium.

Councillor Snyder said he found the state of the cemetery to be an embarrassment and serious attention needs to be given to this.

Beale assured this is in the plans and repairing, expanding and landscaping the cemetery is a priority for this year.

Other areas of improvement slated around town include the removal of the tennis courts on Chamberlain ($19,250) and improvements to the campground for Grizfest for an amount of $20,000 which was doubled from the original proposal. This could help to control the camping area during the festival and allow RCMP better access to patrol the area and keep it safe for festival goers.

The next section on the docket is environmental development; with improving recycling infrastructure as the main focus. The proposed budget is $65,000 up $25,000 from the 2012 budget.

The biggest cost for this section is replacing the (for a lack of a better word) eye sore recycling bins in the centre of town. Council has allocated $38,000 for this.

There has also been $27,500 added to the budget for commercial bins, which cost about $4,000 a piece.

The last two section of the budget are the water and sewer funds. The budget for the water fund for 2013 is $430,157 for projects like commercial water metering and refurbishments to the water treatment plant.

The sewer fund will be using $84,500 of the budget with $13,000 coming from reserves. The big ticket item in this section is the sewer service camera c/w locator, which will help public works to properly manage and repair the sewers around town.

Council has not officially approved any of the above aspects of the capital budget and information on the operations budget is still to come.

For a complete list of proposed projects for the 2013 Capital Budget head to town hall and simply ask for a copy.