Prime Minister appoints Jay Hill as Chief Government Whip

OTTAWA ? Jay Hill, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, was appointed today as Chief Government Whip by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Hill said he is honoured that the Prime Minister chose him to address the unique challenges faced by the government whip in a minority parliament. ?Caucus cohesiveness is critical to the future success of this Conservative minority government,? said Hill. ?Having served as chief whip for my party on three previous occasions, I know our government will be counting upon my experience to provide the right combination of flexibility, discipline and support for our entire caucus.?

In a statement earlier today, the Prime Minister said, ?I am very pleased to make this announcement and to confer these important responsibilities on such a capable and respected Parliamentarian. In a minority Parliament the role of Whip is crucial, and everyone?s talent and hard work will be critical in helping us fulfill the mandate Canadians have given us.?

To better enable him to carry out his duties, Hill will also be sworn in as a Privy Councillor.