Prioritized List of Council Action Items

Priority one and completion dates*:

1 2007 Budget & Strategic PlanningFeb. 28: Senior Staff to review and submit to CFONov. 15 – Council workshops to set goals and Objectives Nov-Jan

2 Pine Beetle Infestation Ongoing – Locate consultant to complete survey and plan for 2007 Nov. 30 Research Grants and other funding opportunitiesNov. 30 Follow up on meeting with Ministry of ForestsNov. 30

3 Snow Storm Evacuation Oct. 28/29Nov. 30 Draft Letter to PREOC to determine protocol and why we were not notified

4 Two Year Covenants Follow up on extensions and legal actions with solicitor On going. Prepare report on past, present & future problems Nov.30 and make recommendation for changes.

5 Twillight Lodge Development Permit Report to council on greenspace to form boundary Nov. 30

6 Bylaw Enforcement OfficerDec. 31 Advertising Closes Nov.24. Interview and hire by Dec. 8

7 Board of VarianceDec. 31 Review requirements, advertise for candidates and recommend appoints to Board.

8 CAO Bylaw and Contract Dec. 19 Draft Bylaw and Contract to be referred to LYADec. 1 Review by Employee Relations Committee Dec. 8 Review and approval by CouncilDec. 19

9 Peter Thompson -Gwillim lot consolidation Nov. 21 Prepare report for Council?s Nov 21 meeting

10 Zoning Bylaw Review and Update Jan. 2 Council and public review Nov Bylaw first & Second readingDec. 5

11 C & C VanDeBurgt lot consolidationNov. 21 Vandeburgt wants to consolidate. Council table decision.

12 Revitalization Tax Emeption BylawJan. 31 Council review and discussion at Aug 8 meeting Draft bylaw text to be reviewed shortly, need to wait for zoning bylaw to be adopted

13 EOC ReviewDec. 5 Prepare report on the operations of the EOC During the Forest Fires in July

14 UBCM debriefing Dec. 7 First Meeting set for 3 hr. Morning of Dec. 7

15 Wilderness Lodge Nov. 30 File reviewed. Need to meet with owners and discuss operating agreement.

16 Wild Fire Interface Plan Dec. 5 Report to Council and recommend set up of committee

17 Senior Staff Performance Reviews.Dec. 30


18 Oval Track

Complete design and prepare for early spring developmentJan. 31

Complete layout and development of Grass Track1-Apr

19 Prioritized List of Council Action Items

As of 11 /16/2006Use of District Greenspace30-Apr Council approved Encroachment Policy

Will have bylaw enforcement officer start in January.

20 Procedures Bylaw ReviewDec. 31 Draft amendment for committee of whole meeting,

Consider suggested changes based on meeting with George Cuff in November

21 Museum FoundationNov. 30 Follow up for financial statements and advance $200,000 according to needs

22 Closed meeting items and discussionNov. 30 Report on what can and what can not be referred to and discussed at a closed meeting.

23 Renaissance Canada Ltd, Claude Galibois SchoolFeb. 1/07

Letter sent to SD giving six months to comply.1-Aug

Bill Hendley requesting app.for zoning amendmentNov. 30

24 Disabled ParkingJan. 31 Review and report on Handicapped parking needs in the downtown core.

25 Public Education of ATV UsageOngoing Prepare an educational plan and report to council for implication.Nov. 30 Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer to arrange a Public Meeting

26 Staff travel expense policy reviewNov. 30

Prioritized List of Council Action Items

As of 11 /16/2006

Prepare report and revised travel policy for staff


27 Boundary Expansion31-Jan

Review and apply for Boundary Expansion to accommodate Community Forest

28 Land for Northern Lights CollegeDec. 31

Research and report on the availability of land to be donated to NLC.

Consideration being given to lot that has reverted back to the District

29 Electronic Recording of Council MeetingsDec. 31

Research and report on the feasibility of a electronic recording system.

30 Sukunka Drainage issueSept. 30

Report of problems and liabilities

31 Personnel PolicyDec. 31

Report on existing policy and amendments for hiring relatives

Develop policy for Department heads to grant merit increases

32 Remote Email AccessDec. 31

Review options to improve remote email access.

CFO continuting to work on IT needs

33 Monthly Financial ReportsDec. 15

Provide monthly Income and Expense reports for council

34 Outstanding Debt PolicyDec. 31

Review and update existing Overdue Account/Collection Policy

CFO reviewing current policy

35 Community Centre Janitorial TenderDec. 31

Monitor and assist solicitor on legal action


1Council Remuneration CompletedSept. 5

Bylaw will be revised and submitted to the first meeting in SeptemberSept 30/06

Completed with the adoption of Bylaw 512

2Town Hall meeting and Businessman?s luncheorCompletedOct. 2

Review answers with council8-Aug

Arrange follow up meeting

Follow up meeting held on October 2, 2006

3Development Procedures Bylaw & Manual CompletedSept. 5

Review with council Aug. 8 and Bylaw readings Sept. 531-Aug

Bylaw adopted on September 5, 2006

Prioritized List of Council Action Items

As of 11 /16/2006

aCommunity Centre Sound SystemCompleted

Obtain and Review quotesAug. 15

Council review and approvalAug. 31 Equipment received and set up.

5Chamber of CommerceCompletedOct. 17

Follow-up for Business Plan/budgetAug. 31 Chamber of Commerce presented Five Year Plan – 2006 funds dispersed

6Aboriginal Awareness WorkshopCompletedSept. 25

Scheduled for Sept 25 – UBCM Grant Applied for31-Aug Aboriginal Awareness Workshop hosted by the DTR – did not receive grant from UBCM

7Weightroom Membership for firefightersCompletedOct. 2

Draft policy on usage of all volunteer first respondersSept. 30 Policy adopted at the October 2, 2006 Meeting

82006 Budget Review and updateCompletedSept. 19

Senior Staff to review and submit to CFOAug. 31

Council to review and bylaw drafted bySept. 30 Budget amendment Bylaw adopted September 19, 2006

9Grant In Aid PolicyCompletedSept 30/06 Draft a grant in aid policy for community organizations